Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 16

This image of Ami actually reminds me of Michiru.  Michiru♥♥♥♥

This image of Ami actually reminds me of Michiru. Ah, Michiru♥

I’ve been loving these senshi-centric episodes, and Act 16 was all about Ami-chan!

There was no lack of our main girl, Usagi, but it was a tough episode for her.  Her relationship with Chibiusa at first is so hard to watch.  It’s hard to see Usagi so upset, and even Mamoru can’t cheer her up.  We do learn a bit more of Chibiusa’s reason for showing up.  We also learn that Mamoru has a little Tuxedo Mask puppet.  Hilarious.

The third oldest Spectre Sister shows up, Berthier.  When Ami uses her connection with water to find a leak in some pipes, Berthier gets in her head, saying dowsing without a crystal is a sign of evil.  She then shows up on TV, pantsless, to challenge Ami to a chess match.  Seriously, the third-ranked chess champion challenges a random school girl to a chess match?  In a bathing suit and a coat?  Good disguise, Berthier.

Keep your eyes on that chess board.  Did anyone else notice that Ami was black and Berthier was white when they shook hands?  When the game started, though, Berthier was black and Ami was white.  Also, in the freeze frame after Ami drops her white pawn… we see her in front of black again.  Oops!

The battle was quick.  Ami got a cool new move, Shine Snow Illusion, to get rid of Berthier’s baddies.  Berthier traps her in a water sphere, like the fire sphere Mars was captured in.  A quick Venus Love-Me Chain and Moon Princess Halation from Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon who step in to the rescue take care of Berthier.  (Hey, where’s Jupiter?)  Rubeus, though, captures Ami in the water sphere.

The girls didn’t seem too torn up about poor Mars being taken, but down two senshi, they’ve got to be worried.  Although I hate to see these girls get captured, I love the character-specific episodes!  Jupiter’s up next!

What did you all think of Act 16?

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