It’s Always There For Me

I don’t feel like I’ve fully appreciated how important it is that Friends is now on Netflix.

Seasonal depression has hit me HARD this week.  I live in Boston and a we have 7 feet of snow and a non-functioning public transportation system.  I feel dull mentally, and I’ve now moved past stir crazy right into I’m never getting out of bed.

One thing that always pulls me out of hard emotional times is Friends.  Watching this show has gotten me through break-ups, and I’m counting on it to carry me through this terrible winter!

Thanks for Friends, Netflix!  And thanks for this!

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 10.34.14 PM


Does it snow where you guys live?

How to you keep sane during the winter months?

One comment

  1. Fun Fact: We got snow for the first time this winter a couple days ago in Texas. So winter is pretty much just a slighter cold fall here. If it gets super cold, we freeze, we don’t usually get snow. So I am pretty much the same in winter as I am in fall.

    I hate summers here though. We get rough patches of over 100 degree weather pretty regularly.

    Thanks so much for checking my blog out and I’m glad you liked it! I like your blog too 🙂

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