Girls: Sit-in


In case anyone had any doubts at the end of last episode, it’s confirmed that Mimi-Rose is indeed Adam’s new girlfriend.  I spent the episode going back and forth between Adam and Hannah with regard to who’s at fault here.  My initial reaction is that Adam is a a scumbag for moving a new girlfriend into Hannah’s apartment.  Then I think of how neither of them made attempts to keep their relationship together.  I think of how I thought it was a bad idea that Hannah left her apartment for Adam to live in.  I think of how Hannah left, which of course is Adam’s point.

Hannah is understandably shaken and upset, and holds herself up in “her room.”  From there on out, the episode unravels in Hannah’s visitors.

First to arrive is Shoshanna.

How cute is angry Shosh and her super stylish interview outfit?

How cute is angry Shosh and her super stylish interview outfit?

I don’t know who you are, and I don’t care to know,” she says to Mimi-Rose as she heads in to see Hannah.  Shosh says everything that a friend should and they promptly google Mimi-Rose only to find that she’s a seemingly successful artist; Shosh shuts the laptop before they can see more of her guest lecture at Mills College.  Shosh suggests Hannah comes stay with her, but the sit-in continues.

Jessa is waiting to go in once Shoshanna comes out.  “Why are you not in Idaho?” she asks.  Finally, a good Jessa line!  She seems not to understand why Hannah is upset.  In fact, she’s sure she told her about Mimi-Rose.  Now, here’s where I would be mad.  Hannah isn’t mad until she finds out Jessa set them up.  There’s hitting, then Jessa goes.

Adam has called Marnie, and Desi looking for Marnie.  Hannah calls Marnie too and gets voicemail.

When Hannah finally exits, Laird and Caroline are in the living room having switched apartments with Adam and Mimi-Rose for the night.  They give her some awkward support.

When Hannah leaves next, she finds Ray in the kitchen cooking bacon.  Ray is truly sweet, but he’s preoccupied with the traffic light situation and barely notices Hannah burns her hand flipping the bacon.  Still, I really love Ray.  He bandages her up and gives her some heartfelt support.

Back in her room later, Hannah hears Marnie calling for her, and she’s brought food.  Hannah is mad at Marnie for not coming sooner, but Marnie knows Hannah too well to let this get away from her.  Marnie slips in that Desi moved in with her– terrible choices!  She also provides the best advice of the episode, telling Hannah that she has to let Adam go for the sake of her happiness.

The last time Hannah leaves her room, she has her bags in hand and she comes face to face with Adam.  He agrees to move out of the apartment, which I’m glad to hear, but needs a couple of days to move.  They have the kind of conversation that is both heart-wrenching and gratifying in its finality.

I actually did want this break-up, but it will be odd to see Hannah single again!

What did you all think of Sit-In?


  1. My love of this episode and Ray and Shosh in particular is in surmountable. And I actually agreed with Marnie’s tough love for once, as opposed to Jessa, who is, as usual, just the absolute worst.

    Ray though, really the best. Any friend who understands that what you need in such a crisis is someone to blindly say yes and make you bacon is obviously a keeper.

    1. Nice to hear that someone besides Marnie is the worst, haha! Jessa has been really awful this season and really hasn’t had much of a storyline. There must be something redeeming somewhere.

      I’m just falling in love with Ray!

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