MasterChef Junior: Takeover

With six junior home cooks left in the kitchen, the stakes are higher than ever.  Jimmy notes that everyone’s 11 and up, so the competition is at another level.  This is true, though, regardless of age, because these home cooks are headed to Comme Ça to cook a service at this busy LA restaurant.  As Joe notes, the customers have no idea that their chefs are in 5th, 6th, and 7th grades.

Andrew and Jimmy, the winners from last week’s challenge, serve as team captains.  Andrew gets first pick since his dish was the best last week.  He chooses Nathan.  Jimmy then picks Ayla, despite Jenna’s hopes that he’ll pick her.  Instead, Andrew takes her as his last pick leaving Kayla to Jimmy’s team.

Executive Chef Brian Howard demos the dishes for the kids.  They’ll make two appetizers:

IMG_1343 IMG_1344

And two entrées:

IMG_1345 IMG_1346

Gordon announces that he will be expediting, then it’s time for the teams to make a game plan.  Jimmy of the Red Team takes a diplomatic approach, asking everyone what they’re comfortable with.  Andrew of the Blue Team dictates what everyone is going to do instead, insisting he’s the leader.  Red has a harmonious prep, while Blue gets frazzled to the point where Jenna burns herself on the oven.  She bounces back perfectly, though!

The tickets start flying in.  There are struggles on both sides with appetizers.  Red drags at first, then catches up.  Jimmy seems to forget to that he needs to clean his plates.  The Blue Team’s problems are worse.  Andrew seems to be imitating Gordon Ramsay, but his leadership skills are lacking.  He yells at his team and almost sets a fire.  Gordon sends him out to the parking lot to cool down.  He almost hands the leadership role over because Andrew’s just trying to show off.  In addition, Jenna has a problem burning her chickpea cakes.  The executive chefs plate doesn’t have that component on there since she ran out.

Entrée service is next.  Andrew changes his leadership approach to be more of a team player.  They fall behind when Jenna badly burns a piece of skate.  Andrew holds them back after Jenna recovers.  Red struggles to keep up too; they are almost derailed when Jimmy serves up raw skate.  Kayla shuts down a little.  The Red Team’s communication isn’t strong.  Both teams have their issues with the mains, but the diners are super impressed to learn their food was cooked by kids!  Well done!

Back in the MasterChef kitchen, the Blue Team is declare the winner.  Andrew, Nathan, and Jenna are through to the semi-finales.

Jimmy, Ayla, and Kayla face elimination.  Only one can be saved and make it through to the semi-finals.  The one home cook is Jimmy!  I’m happy with this decision, though I though Ayla was doing well in the kitchen.  Jimmy was the most deserving of the three, though.  What did you think?

Let’s see what these final four can do next week!  Raspberries rain from the sky in the preview, so I’m totally interested in this…

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