Girls: Cubbies


After a week hiatus thanks to a wonderful Super Bowl game, Girls was back this Sunday!  It was, may I just say, completely worth the wait.  This episode was so good!  The ending, even though you could absolutely predict what was about to happen as Hannah walked up to the door, was still so satisfying, so titillating… I am so invested in this plot right now.

There’s very little Jessa to speak of this time around, so let’s talk about our other Girls:

Shoshanna | We start with a hilarious job rejection.  Shoshanna has been interviewing a lot, and this time she finds herself at McKinsey.  This is a no joke job, kids– kind of brings light to her attitude at the last interview we saw.  When her fit at the company is called into question, she tries to salvage the interview by comparing herself to Chelsea Clinton, who has to overcome her hair.  “Chelsea Clinton doesn’t work here anymore,” the interviewer corrects her.  “Because of her hair?”

Shosh spends the rest of her unemployed day doing errands with Ray, apologizing more for their relationship, and affirming that she wants to be his friend.

Marnie | Marnie seems to be taking the end of her liaisons with Desi well.  It’s Desi who seems disturbed by Marnie’s change in attitude.  Marnie wakes up to Desi banging on her door and screaming her name.  She lets him in, and is sobs uncontrollably that he broke up with Clementine.  At first, Marnie is kind of into it, like it may be a romantic gesture– being that good friend she always is and consoling him.  She asks what happened, and apparently Clementine’s been thinking of someone else sexually, who he suspects she’s already slept with.  So, it was really Clementine who broke up with him.  Her alert to the weirdness of the situation melts away in sexual gratification, though.  This is going to be trouble, Marn!

Hannah | Hannah continues on her sinking ship that is the Iowa Writer’s Workshop.  After insulting all of her classmates, she writes a so-called apology letter and puts it in the cubbies of all her classmates.  The letter is not so much of an apology, but more of a passive-aggressive defensive cry for attention.  I can’t help but think if Hannah just kept her head down and produced some work things would’ve gone better… but Hannah blames her inability to focus in the program on others.  She admits to her professor that she would be happy to be kicked out.

So she leaves, finally, and heads back to New York.  Key in lock of her apartment door, it suddenly opens and a girl stands before her, Mimi Rose.  Adam greets her with an awkward hug.  Hannah asks if Mimi Rose is his roommate, and gets a no… to be continued!  This sure is going to be interesting!

Did you guys love this episode as much as I did?

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