Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 15


After another long break from Sailor Moon Crystal, we finally get a new episode and wow, there are a lot of new things to discuss!  Let’s start with the opening theme, in which we see images of Chibiusa and (a rather scary looking) Sailor Pluto.  I’ve liked the eye coloration so far in SMC (even Chibiusa’s red eyes look fine to me so far) but Setsuna’s?  I might have a problem here.  That’s in the future, though, let’s get into Act 15.


I sincerely hope none of you thought this was a real gun, even when she said it was.  That’s why I found this scene so funny before, and when it shot flowers and Usagi collapsed I laughed so hard!


So far she’s a total brat, yes, but she’s a stranger in a strange land.  She’s in obvious emotional pain.  I kind of love her sneakiness; she’s here on a mission!  She’s got a long way to go to.  If this show’s taught us anything, it’s that we need to depend on others.  Chibiusa will open up and be less bratty.  We again see the Legendary Silver Crystal and key around her neck.  Oooh, mysterious.

Luna-P is being creepy too.  I miss Diana when Chibiusa’s around.

Transformations & attacks


Look new toys!  I’m happy now that everyone’s gear matches and Venus doesn’t get her special pen.  Everyone’s yelling ____ Star Power Make-Up! and everyone’s feeling stronger.


Sailor Moon has a tiara again, which means she can Moon Tiara Boomerang Action (je refuse!) again, which apparently from the animation doesn’t require removing said tiara.  Handy!  From a joined force with Tuxedo Mask, the Moon Rod is born and Sailor Moon gets a new attack, Moon Princess Halation.


She’s not the only one with new tricks!  Sailor Mercury tested out a Shine Aqua Illusion in this episode after Sailor Mars debuted her Burning Mandala!  Too bad that Shine Aqua Illusion couldn’t put out the flames that held Mars captive to the Black Moon.  Speaking of…

Black Moon

Ah yes, with the big bad vanquished a new evil rises to our attention.  And wow, there are a lot of them!  We meet Prince Demande and Rubeus, who captures Mars after Koan is defeated.  We briefly meet Saphir by name, by Esmeraude so far goes unnamed.

Koan, the aforementioned villain of the episode (who is apparently already done?) is one of the Four Spectre Sisters.  We see the others, but they are not yet named.  We also meet the Wise Man who looks into his crystal ball and looks like big trouble.

Parting Thoughts

I loved having a pseudo-Mars-centric episode.  I loved seeing the girls in color-coded street clothes.  I wish my high school had a Supernatural Research Club!

I loved this episode.  I really feel like the series is progressing.  The pace is working for me right now, and I can’t wait for another new episode!




  1. I couldn’t believe how good this episode was. I loved that we dove right in with The Moon clan, hell, we’re already talking to Wiseman. (Since I’m smack dab in the middle of this arc in the original anime, it’s going to be interesting watching them play out side by side…) And I’m looking forward to this arc in general, because I really think Crystal’s strength is it’s visuals, and Dark Moon has some seriously cool stuff to play with visually.

    I was watching the opening, half paying attention, and then BOOM new bad guy images and Chibi-Usa and Pluto, and I got really excited about it. I wonder if the show continues, if the outer Senshi will be added to the big group shots or if it will stay inner…

    1. I certainly hope the outers will be included in group shots for later arcs! They are in the original anime. I just can’t wait for Neptune and Uranus!

      I’m so excited to see this arc play out since we’re in a less introductory phase. I think the pacing will work to the series’ advantage now. I agree that SMC’s strength is in the visuals; I am never lacking things to cap for these recaps!

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