January, gone already?

Wow, I can’t believe the first month of 2015 is over already!  I’m another year older, but I feel like this month has ended on a very positive note for me.  I may not have the perfect everything yet, but I’m so happy with my decisions these days.  That’s a feeling you can’t summon on command.  I’ll savor it while I’ve got it.

Most of my pictures went into my belated birthday recap, but here’s what else went on!


[1] January started with the remnants of Christmas decorating Boston Common. [2] My waffle maker got a lot of use this month!  I love making uneven shapes for some reason. [3] I’m not sure if hat hair is a problem or a solution. [4] The cold would never stop me from strolling down my beloved Boylston Street. [5] Yes, you’ve seen my record player before!  I bought the new Jenny Lewis album, The Voyager.  I’m on the lookout for more vinyl to add to my collection. [6] Browsing the paper shops on Charles Street in Beacon Hill, I found this adorable stationary the perfect way to say thank you for all the birthday love! [7] Juno hit us hard here, but I had the best day working from home.  I read two books and didn’t leave my bed. [8] Sadly, I had to go to work the next day.  Check out all this snow in Cambridge! [9] A new, weird hobby I’ve taken up: teaching myself hiragana!  I’ve wanted to learn Japanese forever, so why not take some steps toward that.

I hope you all had a lovely start to this year!

It’s a brand new month to make wonderful!


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