Juno and Ice Type

If you, like me, live in the Northeastern corner of the US, you may have noticed that thick white blanket of snow.  Winter storm Juno has done a nice job of making a mess out there, but with every blizzard, I think of TM 14: Blizzard.  Yes, of course I think of pokémon.  I’ve been breeding like crazy lately, thanks to getting Wonder Traded some Japanese Dittos, and I’ve been trying to narrow down my lists of favorites.  Today, in the spirit of all this snow, let’s talk about my favorite ice types.

250px-478FroslassFroslass | This Ice/Ghost combo has always had a soft spot in my heart.  Gen III seemed to open up a lot of new pathways for evolution, and I relished trying them all out!  Gen IV continued this trend and introduced Froslass.  If you have a female Snorunt and a Dawn Stone, skip Glalie in favor of this Snow Land Pokémon.


250px-471GlaceonGlaceon | I don’t think I can create a favorites list without an eeveelution on it!  With an Eevee, the potential is unlimited.  No matter what you pick for a starter or catch along the way, an eeveelution can always round out your team.  Another Gen IV addition, this Fresh Snow Pokémon is a perfect ice option!


250px-131LaprasLapras | An old favorite from way back in Gen I, this Transport Pokémon has always been of special interest to me. Maybe it’s because this guy was the sprite used anytime you surf, or maybe it’s because this is the first pokémon you came across that could rock ice moves… either way, I’ll always love Lapras.


250px-144ArticunoArticuno | Another oldie-but-goodie, this Gen I legendary bird  can be found roosted in the Seafoam Islands of Kanto.  I wish Hoopa could’ve bothered to bring him to Hoenn, but hey, you can’t always get what you want.  The Freeze Pokémon in its blue, glittering plumage is definitely what legends are made of.


250px-698AmauraAmaura | I always pick my fossils off of their names, and if you know me at all, you know I went for the Sail Fossil in Gen VI!  I was so pleased to see this adorable Rock/Ice pokémon.  Amaura is the perfect combo of cute dinosaur and mystical gemstone, which makes the Tundra Pokémon cool in my book.


250px-225DelibirdDelibird | Perhaps the Delivery Pokémon is better suited for December rather than January, but I’ve always found Delibird so underrated!  I loved the Delibird’s Delivery minigame in Pokémon Stadium 2, and have loved Delibird since then.  He’s been reppin’ penguins since Gen II and I do love penguins!


So all this snow might annoy me, but it’ll remind me of these guys bringin’ the Blizzard!

What’s your favorite ice type pokémon?

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