Girls: Female Authors


These episodes feel quick, especially with the characters so far away from each other.  I keep thinking back to Beach House and seeing them all play off each other.  I’m hoping we’ll get that soon.  For now, more Iowa!  Let’s go character by character, as I do:

Hannah | As usual, Hannah is discontent. Does she even want to write? Is she asking herself the same question right about how? I do love her juxtaposed with Elijah, who is oddly thriving in Iowa. His bit about mastering the selfie and then having the novel idea of turning the camera around was hilarious. Hannah’s form of making friends is apparently calling out every other person in the program. I’m not sure I liked that Francesca Lia Block dig, Hannah.

Marnie | On one hand, hasn’t Marnie learned yet that this relationship with Desi is destructive? Maybe this is the danger of being in a relationship for so long through some major learning years (Charlie) but she’s had a rebound or two by now, so she should know better! On the other hand, I do think she handled it well when Desi annoyingly categorized her— you’re so young/your views are culturally specific/this is a sexual-music relationship. All bullshit. Thankfully Marnie agreed, but no changes on the horizon just yet. Oh, but she kissed Ray. Super sane.

Shoshanna | I’m going to be honest; I was disappointed by how little Shosh we got in this episode. I thought we’d get to see some interview rejections, but I’m guessing that’s yet to come. I did happen to enjoy her interview with Ann Taylor Loft… throwing Loft in there leads me to believe this is a retail opportunity and not a corporate one. Kids, take it from someone who used to make her living coaching recent college graduates through job interviews: this is not how you end it!

Jessa | So, Jessa and Adam are kind of close, which irks Hannah more than she lets on. Jessa decides to be brash and pee in the street, which leads to a small altercation, which ends with handcuffs for both her and Adam. After Ray bails them out, Adam yells at Jessa for her manipulative behavior that he saw her impart on Hannah. He calls her a bad influence. (If you’re watching Shameless on Showtime like I am, did this remind you of the scene between Fiona and her boss/love interest?) He tells her to grow up and that he doesn’t need any more friends. Jessa relents and calls after him that she really does.

And one quick parting thought…


How cute was this kitchen?!

What did you all think of Female Authors?


  1. Sigh, I’m glad SOMEONE called Jessa on her bullshit. (Although, did Hannah do this last year? I can’t remember)

    Shosh made me want to throw things, since, well, that’s the job I’ve always wanted that she was interviewing for…

    I couldn’t believe Marnie actually stood up for herself. It seems she did learn something from all that Booth Jonathan bullshit. I just hate Desi so much.

    Hannah, poor, misguided, utterly useless Hannah. I hung out with, “I’m just being honest,” girl in high school and college and NO ONE likes that person.

    I really badly don’t want Marnie and Ray back together. I really just want Ray to decide that he doesn’t want to be every one else on this show’s weird uncle or dad or whatever and cut them off.

    1. But Adam of all people?! I can never figure him out.

      I thought Shosh’s interview seemed like a retail job, not cool and corporate. If it were like, Ann Inc., then yeah she’s an idiot.

      And while Marnie did stand up for herself, she hasn’t kicked Desi to the curb yet. We’ll see.

      I didn’t even consider the possibility of Ray and Marnie back together… I agree, that is NOT a good idea.

      1. I prefer this to her trying to seduce Adam (which I really thought was going to happen.) and while I would love that because I could ABSOLUTELY see Hannah and Shosh using it as a bonding moment it would break my heart.

        I thought they offered Shosh an assistant buyer position, that’s corporate, and what I want to be doing. (Hence me wanting to throw things.)

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