Day: January 19, 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14

doesn't this remind you of Tangled?

doesn’t this remind you of Tangled?

Act 14 was truly the end of one story and the beginning of the next.  The Big Bad has been defeated, but we don’t get a moment of peace as the sky opens up and Chibiusa drops on in to shake things up!  So, let’s chat!  (Serious spoiler alert!)


I complained last episode about Sailor Moon gearing up to defeat Metalia without her friends by her side.  While this, sadly did not change, she did at least think of her friends and draw strength from them to achieve her goal.

Still, when she found out the fate of her friends (hey, Tuxedo Mask finally gets a power and does something useful!) she takes up Luna’s calling to the moon rather than go to them.  The reunion between the five was very… basic, in the mdoern sense of the term.  I didn’t love that.


Speaking of Luna, she was an absolute superstar this episode.  How cute was this little kitty praying?  Better yet, we got a real person Luna cameo!


Some of my wishes did come true: the senshi are indeed getting new transformation wands!  Finally, Venus should match the rest.  Sailor Moon got her new brooch too, which is much cuter than her old one and holds the silver crystal inside.  We’re on to Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!  And you know what else we get?  No more moon on Sailor Moon’s head, she gets her tiara back!!  Still hate the old brooch as a necklace, but little by little we’ll upgrade.


Finally, Chibiusa shows up!  Hah, of course Usagi would name her daughter Usagi after all, Serenity named her daughter Serenity.  Listen, I know Chibiusa is annoying.  I fully admit to being annoying with her getting in between Mamoru and Usagi in the original Sailor Moon anime.  Still, I think fondly of Chibiusa and am excited to see her show up!

and at least she's cute! I the only one who thinks this is cute?

and at least she’s cute! …am I the only one who thinks this is cute?

Unfortunately we have to wait three whole weeks for new Sailor Moon Crystal episodes, but who’s ready for a brand new arc?

And, thoughts?!  Leave me some comments, friends.