Day: January 16, 2015

MasterChef Junior: [Sausage] Linked

With 14 kids left in the MasterChef Junior kitchen, we got to spend a little more time with each contestant this episode.  Of course, focus begins on our winners from last week: Andrew, Jimmy, and Ryan Kate.  They get to compete in a meringue whipping challenge covering 12 lemon pies.  The winner gets an advantage in the elimination challenge and the chance to pie a judge in the face!  If Andrew wins, he pies Gordon.  If Jimmy wins, he pies Graham.  If Ryan Kate wins, she pies Joe.

The three get going, separating egg whites and yolks with their bare hand and the race is close.  Jimmy ends up the champion, and pies Graham.  Graham notices there are 11 pies left on Jimmy’s work station and 11 kids standing watch… so all the kids grab pies and shove them in the judges’ faces.  Let me tell you, these kids do not hold back!

After the mess is cleaned up, it’s time for an elimination challenge and it’s all about sausage!  Not only do they only have an hour to make sausage, but they have to compose a perfect dish with said sausage.  To cut down on the work, this is a team challenge.  As the winner, Jimmy gets to pick all the teams!  Jimmy pairs himself up with Kyler and picks the following pairs: Ayla and Riley, Andrew and Cory, Jack and Nathan, Jenna and Mia, Ryan Kate and Kayla, Alexis and Micah.

Here are the results:


  1. Mia and Jenna make what Gordon calls the best sausage he’s had all year.  Their dish goes over big!
  2. Micah and Alexis make sausage that lacks appropriate fat and is bland.
  3. Jimmy and Kyler’s kangaroo risk paid off for Joe, but not for Gordon.
  4. Ayla and Riley’s sausage is delicious, but the portion is too small.
  5. Jack and Nathan earn praise for their polenta and spinach with yuzu, but their sausage needs fat.
  6. Ryan Kate and Kayla make an amazing dish for Joe that reminds him of home.
  7. Andrew and Cory’s lack of team work was evident and Gordon wasn’t impressed.

The winners for the night are Mia and Jenna!

On the bottom, Andrew & Cory and Micah & Alexis.  Micah and Alexis are sent home.

It was a tough elimination because the two girls took it hard.  As always, the kids should be so proud of themselves and the judges tell them so!  I am glad that Cory got another chance, because I do think that Andrew kind of ignored his influence.

It looks like we’ve got a front-runner in the form of Jenna… what do you guys think?!