Girls Recap: Iowa


Girls is back with season 4!  Last night’s season premiere had me sufficiently giggling and experiencing emotion.  It also answered the big question from last season with a resounding, yes, Hannah has decided to go to Iowa.  The episode was mostly about her, so let’s catch up with the others.


Jessa looked absolutely beautiful, even when being berated by Nicky Nichols (Natasha Lyonne).  When first she called Hannah out for going to Iowa, I thought she was out of line, but after she explained her thought, I agreed.  Here Hannah is, 4 years post-graduation, and she’s doing this program because?  This is something I see a lot with my peer group: a graduate program for the sake of.

Marnie is clearly making terrible life decisions, as she first appears engaged in graphic sex with Desi.  Why is this a bad decision?  Oh, he’s still got his girlfriend, Clementine.  She sounded great during their gig, but Elijah is right that she needs a thicker skin if she wants to do this.  Desi, despite his poor decision making, handled her stage freak-out excellently, might I just say.  Aside from a couple of breakdowns, Marnie has resumed her role of being an excellent friend to Hannah, showing up at 6 AM to help her pack and see her off, coffees in hand.

Shoshanna graduated unceremoniously and her feuding parents, Mel Shapiro and Mel Shapiro (“It’s the worst thing they’ve ever done to me.”) are there to add insult to injury.  She’s hilarious as always, and makes a heartfelt apology to Ray who she came to Marnie’s gig with the express purpose of seeing.  Ray was a total sweetheart.

but can we talk about how badly I NEED Shoshanna's hair clip?

but can we talk about how badly I NEED Shoshanna’s hair clip?

Hannah is always trying to talk herself into and out of things.  I can’t tell if she wants to go to Iowa or not.  I can’t tell if she wants to stay with Adam or not.  I do think she’ll either never leave, or return to New York rather quickly.

Adam looked good clean-shaven in the biker get-up.  I wavered on his intentions throughout the episode as well.  By the end, it was pretty clear.  He feigns sleep as Hannah tries to say goodbye and watches the car pull away from the window.  Does this mean the end of Hannah and Adam?


What did you all think of the season 4 premiere?!


  1. I rewatched Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2 this weekend, and I have this new appreciation for Allison Williams and how amazing she is.

    Also, how much did you love Elijah? I want him to have his own spin off…

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