ORAS: Post-Game Strong

Gen III/Hoenn games were always my favorite because of the engaging post game. Rarely do I feel the need to keep playing past beating the elite four, but in Hoenn, this all changed. Last time I told you about my Alpha Sapphire post-game, I had caught Latias, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Deoxys, Mesprit, Lugia, Cresslia, Azelf, and Heatran. Now, I have many more accomplishments to tell you about!


Pokémon Bank

I decided to subscribe to Pokémon Bank and transfer over my Xerneas, Keldeo, Diancie, shiny Gengar, and a couple of other pokémon I knew I’d want to keep like Charizard, Blaziken, and Delphox. (X was fire heavy for me.)

Admittedly, I never beat Black. I didn’t like Unova. It’s a project for me to get that done so I can trade forward some of my other legendaries. Hopefully, I get there.


Wonder Trade

Over Christmas, my 12-year-old cousin showed me a bunch of the online features of this game. Since I’ve played since Red and Blue when there were no online capabilities, I kind of had no idea about all this stuff! She brought me into the modern age and traded me a Phione she had bred from her Manaphy.

My favorite thing she showed me was Wonder Trade, and over my little vacation I did a lot of wonder trading! The coolest thing I got in a wonder trade would be a Mesprit, which I put into the GTS to get a Ho-oh from Italy! You know, for unlocking more legendaries.



Through GTS, I was also able to fish out a couple of other favorite pokémon I wanted. I grabbed a Piplup and a Drifloon for pokémon that were just sitting in my PC boxes!

I also made it my mission to collect all the eeveelutions. First, I worked up quite the collection of Eevee thanks to DexNav. I still have a couple unevolved Eevee handing out, of which I’ll definitely keep one as Eevee. Then, it was on to evolution! This is the first time I had ever gotten a Sylveon and it was the first eeveelution I was after. Umbreon came next, since it was night when I was playing. I then had to quest for evolutionary stones— finally, when I had a water stone, fire stone, and thunder stone I got myself Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon. A quick detour to Petalburg Woods gave me Leafeon. Then I had to sleep on it and wait for the next day to snag Espeon. I had a bit of a fight with Shoal Cave, but once I found low tide, Glaceon completed my collection!



I got the Eon ticket before Christmas and was so happy I almost cried. That let me add Latios to my collection. I went after the other available legendaries, catching Thundurus, Dialga, Terrakion, Cobalion, Verizion, Entei, Suicune, Raikou (thanks to my Ho-oh from Italy!), Regice, Regirock, Registeel, and Regigigas. After that point, it was up to Omega Ruby to help me through.

my legendaries don't even fit into one PC box!

my legendaries don’t even fit into one PC box!

I had already started Omega Ruby and had 5 badges. I quickly played through the last 3 already with Latios in tow and picking up Groudon along the way. Instead of challenging the elite 4, I decided to straight-up legendary hunt. I picked up another Ho-oh— I’m hoping to put my Italian one back into GTS for something else! Then I went straight into the cloud to get Tornadus. Finally, I used Pokémon Bank to pop my lake guardians into Omega Ruby as a short cut to Palkia. Those three went back to Alpha Sapphire along with Groudon, Tornadus, Palkia. That allowed me to catch  Landorus and Giratina! Once Blaziken gets to level 100, I will take on the last available legendaries of the game: Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem.


So, as you can tell, I’ve been busy!

How’s your ORAS post-game going?

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