Sailor Moon Crystal Act 13

Now where did we leave off?  Oh yes, a casual murder suicide.  Usagi sliced evil Mamoru on the way to falling on her own sword, but of course, it’s not that morbid in Sailor Moon.  We get a lovely montage of Serenity and Endymion falling in love through lifetimes.  I know we will meet again and fall in love.


Here’s a run down of the episode, Reincarnation:

Nobody Has a Body

The Legendary Silver Crystal activates where Usagi and Mamoru lay, presumably dead, and grows into a giant lotus blossom which is consumed by Queen Metalia.  She grows, but just into a bigger blob.  Side note: I totally didn’t really we were on Earth!  I thought we were on the North Pole of the moon… but apparently it’s Earth, and Metalia’s evil spreads to cover the earth.


People become dark, limp, energy-suckers.  Think Hyrule’s Castle Town post Ganondorf takeover.

Even at full power, Metalia is just an amorphous mass?  Threatening… not really.

Luna gets hurt trying to protect Usagi and we get a flashback to Queen Serenity entrusting Luna with Usagi as a charge.  In this flashback, Luna is still a cat.  You all know Luna hasn’t always been a cat, right?  Where’s Luna people body?


The senshi, horrified at Usagi’s apparent suicide and Metalia’s shadows spreading throughout the world, do the best they can to fight.  Repeatedly beaten down, flecks of light fall from the sky and give each girl a vision of Usagi.  They hear her voice, draw power from her, and decide to get up and keep on fighting.  This is what this show is all about: love (in this case, in the form of friendship) giving power.

The senshi are convinced Usagi is alive, albeit within Metalia’s blob body.  Venus reached up to an apparition of Usagi’s hand and grabs the holy sword.  (It was left behind when it was a murder weapon.)  To draw Usagi out of Metalia, they like, chuck their transformation pens at her?  I actually love this idea, as silly as it sounds, because these girls need an upgrade.  Venus’s is still different, and that still bothers me.


I Can’t Do It Alone

Usagi wakes up inside Metalia, Mamoru’s watch having saved her from the sword.  She uses the power of the Legendary Crystal to transport herself and Mamoru out.  Mamoru wakes up too.  Grasping his chest, four gems fall: kunzite, jadeite, nephrite, and zoisite (better known as tanzanite).  Apparitions of his moonlight knights appear to him, confessing that they sacrificed themselves saving him from the sword.


With an awesome new moon scepter, Usagi attempts to seal Metalia for good.  She can’t do it alone, she admits tearily, and wonders where her friends are.  Mamoru gives her strength, though, saying if her power is not enough, he will support her.  As much as I’ve enjoyed the miracle romance of this episode, I really wanted the senshi to come to her side and do this is true Sailor Moon fashion…

But maybe they will!  After all, the battle’s not over yet.

What did you guys think of Act 13?


  1. “What happened to Luna’s people body?” Is an excellent question that did not occur to me at all.

    But the cats’ people bodies are generally problematic to me. Like, did Luna and Artemis have Diana as cats or people? If cats, why does Diana get a people body? Or if they had her as people, when did she become a cat?

    I just want to know what the rules are here…

    These are the things that keep me up at night…

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