Day: December 21, 2014

Links for a New World [06]


It’s been another busy week!  Now I just have one day in the office before a some time off for the holidays.  The above photo was taken hastily at my company holiday party.  This, believe it or not, is the non-blurry one I took.  So, yes, it was a fun one.

Let’s get on to the internet things!

  • Sailor Moon wedding | I’m not strict on themes for weddings, but gosh do they make for cool pictures.  This wedding is so incredibly detailed and lovely.
  • Single Girl Christmas Cards | I feel this girl’s struggle.  With her siblings married, Bridget sends some pretty amazing single girl Christmas cards.
  • Monsters of Christmas | Atlas Obscura is one of my absolutely favorite websites.  Here’s a list of some Christmas creepers that will make you thankful for Santa.
  • Christmas on Netflix | BostInno’s made a list for us.  Behold, the 16 best Christmas episodes on Netflix streaming right now.  I’m partial to the X-Files ghost story and Futurama’s Xmas.
  • New Instagram Filters | Instagram gave us 5 new filters and a couple new features to play with.  Follow this link to learn about the new filters & what they’re best for.


I hope you all get to enjoy some time off for the holidays too!  I won’t be taking a blog break, so be sure to visit as usual.

Any fun holiday plans?