MasterChef Junior: Finale

This week was the finale of MasterChef Junior 2!  It was 12-year-old Samuel from Greenbrae, CA vs. 11-year-old Logan from Memphis, TN.  As you know if you’ve been reading these posts, I’ve been rooting for Logan for a while!

Samuel, with his expensive taste, reminds me a lot of last season’s winner, Alexander.  Logan, with his bowties and big smiles completely won me over!

It’s nice to see some familiar faces on the balcony cheering these two on to victory with their family & friends.  I spy Oona, Abby, Adaiah, Natalie, Berry, Sean, Levi, Mitchell, Sam, and Josh.

The two lay out their menus for their three course meal and impress the judges and former contestants.  Abby says, “Logan’s menu is like my math class.  It’s super duper hard!

Logan makes some fanfare with his smoking gun while Samuel messes with some liquid nitrogen.  The smoking technique not only accomplishes Logan’s flavor goal, but amuses the entire balcony.  He says it’s every boy’s two favorite things– fire, and a little plastic nerf gun!

When time is up, Samuel and Logan bring their courses into the MasterChef dining room to serve to Gordon, Graham, and Joe.

Samuel’s appetizer:


  • Gordon finds the vinegar to be overpowering and thinks it looks better than it tastes
  • Graham agrees the idea is better than the flavor
  • Joe is more comfortable with the level of vinegar and thinks it’s top-notch

Logan’s appetizer:


  • Gordon notes the spot prawns are cooked perfectly and loves the smokiness of the dish
  • Graham calls the dish smart and well-conceived, but isn’t a fan of the olives
  • Joe likes the olives and thinks they pair well with the smoky aioli

Samuel’s entrée:


  • Joe is impressed he nailed the cook on the arctic char and appreciates the fusion
  • Graham notes the fish is good alone and finds the curry heavy
  • Gordon agrees at the perfect cook and the heaviness of the curry

Logan’s entrée:


  • Gordon calls Logan the boldest 11-year-old he’s ever known for this risk.  The risk paid off because the fish is delicious and he nailed it perfectly, in Gordon’s words.
  • Joe did the work of separating the branzino from its salt crust, and immediately says it’s “awesome!”  Joe says he nailed it and captured the essence of the technique.  He thinks the chimichurri is a bit aggressive, though.
  • Graham too thinks the salt crust worked perfectly and that the veggies were well-selected.

Samuel’s dessert:


  • Graham says that it’s “like getting punched in the mouth… in the best way possible.”
  • Gordon calls it delicious and appreciates the harmony of his food
  • Joe calls it sophisticated and delicious

Logan’s dessert:


  • Graham calls it sophisticated and balances.  He notes the madeleines are fluffy and delicious.
  • Gordon simply calls it brilliant.
  • Joe says the madeleines are fantastic and that it’s a perfect ending note


After two impressive meals, the judges deliberate and decide who is the next MasterChef Junior.  The former contestants stand within the kitchen as the judges switch places with Logan and Samuel.  Logan and Samuel face the crowd, Abby hands up the trophy, and Gordon says the next MacterChef Junior is… LOGAN!

Congratulations, Logan!  This kid totally deserved the win, but all contestants are fabulously talented!

A brand new season starts January 6th.  I hope you’ll join me then for another season of this amazing show!

What did you think of the finale?!

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