Day: December 8, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11: Thoughts

It’s been three long weeks since we got a new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, which is always tough. Things are even tougher for Usagi and the Sailor Senshi, as we know their ally Tuxedo Mask is now under the control of Queen Beryl and the Dark Moon Kingdom. So now that we’ve seen the Reunion, here’s what I’m thinking about…

Character Development

Well guys, 11 Acts in and our characters are really starting to come together. There were some really nice moments between Luna and Usagi in this episode. Usagi is the character we know best, and it’s through her relationships with others that we get to know them.


Rei’s comment made me laugh. Her friendship with Usagi was so different in the original anime, but this harkens back to that nicely.

Finally Minako is coming alive a little. I was wondering, she says with a giant sword in hand, do I look suspicious? This silliness is much needed! It was nice to see a Venus Power Make-Up! from her too, but I wish her transformation pen weren’t different than the other inner senshi.

Makoto might actually be my favorite when it comes to Sailor Moon Crystal personalities. She’s tough, unafraid, and strong-willed. The fact that she confronted Evil Mamoru made my heart soar.

Disposable Income


In this episode, to test the strength of the sword, Ami present a giant diamond engagement ring fully expecting it to smash to smithereens… which it does. Minako, who did the smashing, is horrified, and the rest of the girls are too. Ami’s cool with it, though, and I am dying to know why!

It looks like an engagement ring to me. Did she purchase it with the purpose of seeing if it would break? How much money does her doctor mother make so that she has this kind of disposable income? Baffled.

Identity Confusion

There is so much confusion in this anime about who’s who that it’s getting ridiculous!

Usagi and co. see a guy on the street who looks and sounds exactly like Mamoru Chiba, but assume it is not him because he has been captured by the Dark Moon Kingdom. Fair enough. Eventually, some of the girls come to accept that this might physically be him, but the magic hypnotic sparkles flying from his eyes indicate that this is not the same Mamoru they knew before. Usagi takes a little longer, and Luna sacrifices herself to a blow from him to convince her that this is not her Mamoru. She doesn’t quite connect that just because it’s not her Mamoru, doesn’t mean it’s not the Mamoru. She gets another little shock when she figures that out. Girl, you’re slow.

I did kind of love the hypnotic suggestion on Motoki, though. Evil Mamoru’s evil eye-sparkles made Motoki’s friend Endo walk away without a word and with a whisper, from now on, I’m your best friend Endo. Another of Motoki’s friends pops by later asking who this dude is and Motoki’s like, that’s my best friend Endo! She’s kind of reluctantly accepts it, oddly. I guess she assumes he has two best friends named Endo. Silly!

Queen Beryl finally shows her face at the end. It was a quick episode because of all the ~action~ and we’re left on a cliffhanger. I’m eager for a more substantial episode!

What did you guys think of Act 11?