Day: December 5, 2014

MasterChef Junior: Pop-Up

In this week’s MasterChef Junior, the top six return to the kitchen only to learn that they will not be cooking there.  Instead, Oona, Logan, Adaiah, Sean, Abby, and Samuel will be opening up a pop-up restaurant for some VIP guests.

Since Samuel and Abby had the winning dishes last week, they become team captains.  Samuel, Blue Team captain, selects Sean to join his team.  Abby, the Red Team captain selects Adaiah.  Samuel’s selection of Oona for Blue lands Logan on Red.

With Joe handling front of the house, Gordon expediting, Graham helping out in the kitchen, and the VIPs seated, (hey, there’s Betty Fraser from Top Chef!) the kids are off!   There are two appetizers and two entrées on the menu for the pop-up.


Each of the appetizers give an individual a bit of trouble.  Abby tells Logan at least 4 times to add more seasoning to the ceviche.  When it comes time for Gordon to taste it, it’s way over seasoned.  Eventually, poor Logan gets the ceviche right and Red gets off to a good start.  Oona, on the other hand, struggles with the squash blossoms.  While plates fly out of the Red kitchen, Blue isn’t able to serve a single table.  Once Graham gives her a little tutorial, they get it together and get through apps.

For entrées on Blue, Oona is on fries and Sean makes a perfectly cooked and seasoned filet mignon.  Samuel is on loup de mer.  On Red, Abby takes control of fries and Adaiah filet mignon.  She struggles a bit, not having cooked filet mignon before.  Logan is on loup de mer, and he wipes the floor with Samuel thanks to a lesson from Graham.

"Don't push down so hard.  What'd the fish ever do to you?" asks Graham as he helps Logan get zen with the loup de mer.

“Don’t push down so hard. What’d the fish ever do to you?” asks Graham as he helps Logan get zen with the loup de mer.

Blue ends up finishing strong, and Red makes a push to cross the finish line.  Who wins and goes straight to the semi-final?  Well, the judges need some time to think about that.


Red is declared the winner sending Logan, Abby, and Adaiah to the semi-final!  I’m super happy for Logan, who’s had a rough couple of episodes.

Sadly, Sean and Oona are sent home.  I’m devastated to lose Oona and I thought Sean was going to the final!  Samuel lives to see the semi-final, but I’m thinking it’s Adaiah and Logan who will be battling out in the end!

Any predictions?!