Top Chef Boston: Restaurant Wars

The only negative of last week being a holiday week is that some of our shows were disrupted.  We had to wait two weeks for the new episode of Top Chef last night!  Luckily, it was a big episode… Restaurant Wars!

The teams meet Padma and a women who needs no introduction to Bostonians, Barbara Lynch!  The 8 remaining cheftestants already guessed that Restaurant Wars were upon them, but Padma and Barbara confirmed.  There’s no Quickfire this week, just Restaurant Wars.  The chefs drew knives.

  • Melissa got first pick and selected Doug.
  • Katie got second pick and selected Gregory.
  • Melissa picks Mei.
  • Katie picks Katsuji.
  • Melissa picks Adam, and Keriann is left to join Katie’s team.

Each team must select an executive chef and someone to run front of the house.  Each chef must be responsible for one dish.  Team Melissa-Mei-Adam-Dougie, aka the Gray Team, elects Adam as front of the house.  Doug steps up desiring to be executive chef.  Team Katie-Katsuji-Gregory-Keriann, aka the Orange Team, elects Keriann as front of the house and Katie as executive chef.  She doesn’t seem as confident as Doug.

Both teams discuss menus, concepts, and of course do a lot of shopping to bring their restaurants to life.  Each team makes me a little nervous.  Gray decides to go family style, which made this Italian American eater picture something totally different than what came to fruition.  They call their restaurant Four Pigs.  Orange goes with an “around the world” theme which is a much looser concept.  They call their restaurant Magellan, which is a nice way to encapsulate this loose theme.

Cooking has its share of hiccups as well.  Adam loses his clams somehow and ends up having to clean 130 more portions for service, but it works out!  Keriann decided to do a cold crêpe and make them ahead of time.  Katsuji points out (to us, not Keriann) that crêpes are cooked to order for a reason.  Katie ends up reworking this dessert last minute and the crêpes get served warm.

The first diners to show up and it’s our Boston girls Stephanie Cmar and Kristen Kish along with the Chase Sapphire VIP diners.  This group heads to Magellan while the judges– Tom, Padma, and Gail– plus Barbara check out Four Pigs.

Here’s what Four Pigs brought to the table:

The top right is Mei's chicken liver toast with plum purée.  I caught the cap right as the image changed, so here's a nicer view on the table.

The top right is Mei’s chicken liver toast with plum purée. I caught the cap right as the image changed, so here’s a nicer view on the table.

The VIP groups switch and the judges see what Magellan offers:


Though a couple missteps are noted on the Gray Team’s behalf, there are some definite stand-out dishes, like Doug’s and Adam’s.  The cohesiveness of Four Pigs menu plus Adam’s amazing front of the house service puts them on top easily.

Orange had a lot of trouble with tickets and Keriann was no where to be found when the judges walked in.  Katie’s dish didn’t come together and Keriann’s was a failure.  I think either of them could have easily gone home, but it’s Keriann who’s sent packing her knives.

Do you think the judges made the right decision this week?


It looks like next week has a crazy Quickfire where one of our eliminated cheftestants could be headed back into the competition!  I’m so glad we don’t have to wait another two weeks!

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