Make A Statement

Welcome to the first of three Wishlist Wednesdays for the holiday season!

I’m looking to add to my statement necklace collection and add a bit of holiday sparkle to my wardrobe.  Whether it be to dress up long sleeves, sweaters, or layers at work, or to turn an ordinary dress into a festive holiday party dress, statement jewelry is a great way to celebrate the season.

My initial search was for something crystal, but while browsing Bauble Bar, lots of things caught my eye!  Here are my picks:


[1] Crystal Elsa Bib | $44
[2] Rainbow Brite Bib | $58
[3] Double Ribbon Bouquet Strands | $54
[4] Crystal Firecracker Bib | $68
[5] Crystal Flutter Collar | $48
[6] The Heartbreaker Bib | $58
[7] Asymmetrical Ivy Collar | $44
[8] Crystal Feather Bib | $58
[9] Sapphire Tiffany Collar | $44


Which is your favorite?  Be sure to check on instagram to see which one(s) I end up getting!


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