Pokéblogging: Cresselia


As you all know, there’s a whole slew of legendary pokémon to be caught in ORAS.  You can find out how to catch ’em all here.  Curiously, there doesn’t seem to be an explanation on how to catch Cresselia, and the author herself hasn’t even been able to locate the lunar pokémon.

This trainer, however, caught Cresselia last week!  I thought I’d walk you through my legendary hunting thus far so we can maybe better figure out how its done!

380MSLatias: I’m playing Alpha Sapphire, so Latias was literally handed to me.  This is the first legendary you come across in gameplay and I didn’t know it was just going to be given to me.  I almost ditched Steven to stock up on Ultra Balls before the encounter.

382MSKyogre: The version mascot is the first legendary you have to catch.  I stocked way up on Ultra Balls before facing Kyogre and his cutscene primal reversion.  As soon as I came face to face with him, I knew I didn’t have the patience of my youth to lob 100 Ultra Balls at a legendary.  I quit/reset twice out of sheer boredom, but managed to snag Kyogre on my 7th Ultra Ball.

384MSRayquaza: After you finish the main game (that is, beating the elite 4 and champion) you launch into the Delta Episode.  The Delta Episode culminates in the capture of not one, but two legendary pokémon.  Rayquaza comes first and my legendary-catching formula from my Kyogre battle did the trick.  I use my Pikachu (technically, cosplay Pikachu but without costume) to paralyze my target with Thunder Wave and to whittle down HP.  3 Ultra Balls in, Rayquaza was mine!  Easy!

386MSDeoxys: This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to catch a Deoxys, an article I read said to save your Master Ball for him.  I did.

481MSMesprit:  I wasn’t looking for for a legendary when I was flying around Hoenn on Latias care of the Eon Flute.  I saw a weird red star above a location, Nameless Cavern.  I landed, went inside said cavern and saw a floating ring with a sort of purple dimension inside.  Looking in there let me catch Mesprit.  I have been back 12 hours later and haven’t encountered any of the other lake guardians of Sinnoh.  Of course, I did come across Crescent Island instead…

249MSLugia: I followed the instructions on the linked article to get Alpha Sapphire’s legendary bird.  I caught Lugia the day following Mesprit’s capture, having traded the Scanner for the Tidal Bell the night of Mesprit’s capture, then going to bed because of an early morning/long day obligation.

488MSCresselia: I resumed my legendary search post-Lugia.  Eon Flute flying on Latias, I was headed for the Nameless Cavern to catch another lake guardian.  Instead, I saw Crescent Island under another red star.  I knew what that meant.  Cresselia, another pokémon I had never caught previously, was a more challenging catch.  Initially, I went through over 60 Ultra Balls before restarting the battle and catching Cresselia with fewer than 20 thrown.

482MSAzelf: I was still mad at the Nameless Cavern, so returned with Mesprit in my party a few hours after catching Cresselia.  Sure enough, clear air surrounded the area making me feel strong.  It took a bunch of Ultra Balls and one frustrated restart, but I got him!

485MSHeatran: This guy was easy to find, so I headed over to the Scorched Slab while I was waiting for the Nameless Cavern’s portal to reset.

Uxie will definitely be next!

Now, can we talk about the elephant in the room?  With all of these gold ringed purple portals floating around, why are we not talking more about Hoopa?!

What legendaries have you caught in ORAS?  Let me know!


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