MasterChef Junior: Sunny Side Up

And we’re back!  Hope you all had lovely Thanksgivings!  You might be super full from yesterday, or you might be craving those leftovers in the fridge… either way, I hope you’re ready talk about this week’s MasterChef Junior!

The fist challenge of the episode played a bigger role in the elimination challenge than usual.  This challenge was all about something I never tire of, sunny side up eggs!  Now, I do count myself a sunny side expert, but I have a couple of tricks that I don’t think would’ve gone down in the MasterChef kitchen.  These kids had to cook as many perfect sunny side up eggs as they could according to Gordon, Joe, and Graham’s standards of perfection.

  • Abby only got 2 eggs perfect
  • Oona and Adaiah made 4 perfect eggs each
  • Levi and Josh both made 5
  • Logan cooked 7 perfect eggs
  • Samuel cooked 8 perfect eggs
  • Sean cooked 10, the highest amount of perfect eggs out there!

It wasn’t a traditional win, though.  The elimination challenge then became to cook their signature dishes.  The number of eggs then equaled the number of ingredients they could use.  Abby remains pretty calm, despite having only two ingredients to work with.  Gordon gives her a hug for luck.

Graham spoke of himself at age 23 and how he met and was inspired by Gordon Ramsay.  Precious!  The three judges went around to each work station and talked to the kids about their future restaurants.  8-year-old Abby’s veterinary clinic/restaurant Horses and Courses is one of unique concepts put forth, but points for that name though, girl.  I love how Logan seems to giggle at her concept like it’s ridiculous, then says his restaurant will be underwater.  I couldn’t love anything about that more, actually.

Here’s what these brilliant little chefs come up with for signature dishes:


  • Making the most of her 2 ingredients, Abby prepares a perfectly cooked salmon and asparagus 5 ways.  Gordon says he will have a “fluorescent time in the bathroom later” from eating all this asparagus and I still haven’t recovered from laughing at this.
  • For Sean, the steak is overcooked, more of a medium.  The sauce gets high praise, though.
  • Levi’s salmon is definitely overcooked without a hint of translucence.
  • Adaiah is praised for her smart ingredient choices and nice dish.
  • Oona’s dish looks beautiful, but her scallops add to the list over overcooked proteins.  Watching her hang her head in disappointment and tear up made me tear up too!  I cannot stand to see this cutie cry again.
  • Logan’s rice is overcooked and missing salt.  He too starts to cry and I lose it all over again, but Gordon gives him a hug and says his steak is perfectly cooked.  Actually, he calls it amazing.
  • Josh’s duck is a little overcooked.
  • Samuel accidentally grabbed a cucumber instead of a zucchini, but modified his dish to work with it– and work it did!  Gordon gives it four mmm’s!

Abby is called out for the top after making her 2 ingredients work so hard.  Samuel’s dish wins the night, though!

There were lots of protein problems in this week’s challenge and Josh, Levi, Oona, and Sean come up to face the judges.  Fortunately for this Oona fan, she and Sean end up safe.  I was kind of expecting this to happen, for some reason.  Sadly, Josh and Levi head home.


So guys, I’m still Team Oona and Team Logan over here, but I think Sean’s going to take this one.  Any predictions?!

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