Loretta’s Last Call

It poured all day last Monday. It didn’t let up at all. It was cold, damp, and I was in need of some delicious comfort food to combat the weather. Luckily, Loretta’s Last Call in the Fenway area provided just that!

This was my first time at Loretta’s Last Call. I am by no means a country girl, but I found the atmosphere completely charming!

rock me mama like a wagon wheel... loved these chandeliers!

rock me mama like a wagon wheel… loved these chandeliers!


Loretta’s Last Call treated me and a group of lovely Boston bloggers to a bunch of delicious dishes. I dined with Elissa of Style Wire, Emily of Shell Chic’d, Holly of HollyDolly, and Rachel of La Mariposa. I must admit, I was too busy eating to take pictures most of the time, so you’ll have to pop over to Elissa’s blog to see more! Here’s what we ate:

sweet potato funnel cake, tobacco onions, fried green tomatoes!

sweet potato funnel cake, tobacco onions, fried green tomatoes!

Fried Green Tomatoes with bacon ranch & picked okra
These were to die for! I had never had fried green tomatoes before, but this will certainly not be the last time I do!

Tobacco Onions
Crispy, salty, delicious onion rings!

Sweet Potato Funnel Cake
Hands-down my favorite thing I ate that day! This sweet and savory delight in unlike anything I’ve had before. It was a big hit with all the ladies.

Hushpuppies with Honey Bourbon Butter
We ate a lot of fried food that night, but these hushpuppies were not overly heavy. The slightly sweet honey bourbon butter was a nice complement.

Hot Chicken Bites
They mean hot with these! I’m a big fan of spicy things so the kick of spice was nice, but I wimped out on them. They were served with ranch, pickles, and celery— the former two helped me out.

Fried Green Tomato Biscuit with bacon
This was basically a fried green tomato sandwich with bacon. I was happy to have more of the tomato I enjoyed so much! The biscuit had such a interesting smoky flavor.

Andouille Corndogs
These sausage corndogs were fun and easy to eat! The spice was mild.

Frito Nachos
What’s not to like about Fritos covered in cheese and chili?! This was super fun to eat, because I don’t think I’d eaten Fritos since junior high. So yummy.

Double Chocolate Fudge Cake with homemade strawberry ice cream
The chef himself brought us out dessert! This was a decadent flourless chocolate cake. The strawberry ice cream was amazing. It was so fresh tasting; nothing like the artificial strawberry flavors I associate with ice cream. It was also topped with a delightful bourbon whipped cream!


For a rainy Monday night, there were plenty of folks around but nothing overwhelming. We could hear each other talk and sway along to the live music. I’d love to come back for the weekend crowd. I’m a sucker for drinks that come in mason jars! Speaking of which, I took a sip of Emily’s Front Porch Sweet Tea— peach moonshine, lemonade and sweet tea. It was dangerously delicious; you couldn’t taste a hint of alcohol! Will be back to drink that, for sure.

If you’re in the Boston area, I recommend checking out Loretta’s Last Call!  Check them out on Twitter (@LorettasTweetin) for fun events and live music updates!


[Full Disclosure: Loretta’s Last Call provided our food. All opinions are my own.]


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