Day: November 21, 2014

MasterChef Junior: Cupcakes & Home Cookin’

From one dessert challenge to another, the kids of MasterChef had a special mystery box waiting for them this week: another box… of cupcakes! Graham grabs one, and Joe another.  Gordon then invites the kids to come up and take one.  Oona announces that it’s the best challenge, since they get to eat cupcakes!  They then find out that that’s their challenge: 75 minutes to make a dozen cupcakes.

It’s not that simple, though, as this is their first team challenge.  They are paired off based on which cupcake the grabbed– Mitchell and Abby are together, Samuel and Adaiah, Sean and Logan, Josh and Oona, Levi and Sam.  They pull off their mystery boxes to reveal one more twist.  Inside is a leg tie and a waist tie.  It’s a three-legged cupcake challenge!

Four hands, three legs, two brains, one box, and twelve stunning cupcakes.

The judges taste:

the dynamic duo of the expertly color-coordinate Logan & Sean win!

the dynamic duo of the expertly color-coordinated Logan & Sean win!

This puts Sean and Logan in control of the elimination challenge.  For this challenge, Gordon speaks of his favorite home cook, his mum.  When he yells Mum! out comes Mrs. Ramsay with the three choices for the kids to elevate to restaurant-quality: chicken curry, shepherd’s pie, or a fish finger sandwich.

Logan and Sean enjoy tea & treats from the balcony as the remaining 8 in the kitchen are faced with shepherd’s pie!  They get to Skype their moms for a little inspiration, which is tear-inducing in its adorableness.

There are some bumps along the way.  Samuel is rather disorganized throughout and has the second mashed potato breakdown of the season.  He’s seemed stressed all episode, and when he starts crying over milky-mashed, Graham comes to the rescue.  Graham suggests he make a pea purée, using the potatoes to thicken it into a pea mash.  Sounds good to me!

Oona seems a bit out of sorts too, but Gordon thinks so highly of her that he tried to marry her off to his son during the cupcake challenge!

Here’s how the shepherd’s pies turn out:


  • Oona (top left) is not confident as she brings her curry sheperd’s pie forth.  Joe calls her plating “rustic,” so let’s go with that.  Everyone is very impressed with her delicious mashed potatoes, though!
  • Can you even believe this plate (top center) came from an 8-year-old?!  Abby’s shepherd’s pie is delicious, but needs more seasoning if anything.
  • With his Moroccan shepherd’s pie, Samuel (top right) is starting to separate himself from the pack.
  • Josh’s deconstructed dish (middle left) is spot on when it comes to seasoning and presentation.
  • Levi’s shepherd’s pie (middle center) elicits a, “Dude, this thing is firing on all cylinders!”
  • Mitchell’s shepherd’s pie (middle right) is not the best visually, and Gordon comments that the taste is strange.
  • Adaiah’s (bottom left & bottom center) is delicious!  And so pretty!  Her dual sauces are inspired by Gordon & his mum– one spicy, the other more mild.
  • Sam (bottom right) puts out a beautiful looking plate, but the beef is very dry.

The winners of the challenge: Adaiah and Levi!  Both are proving to be strong competitors.

The lowest scores are Mitchell, Sam, and Oona who laments:

I’m going home.  Live with it!

MasterChef Junior did not want to lose our perfect little drama queen, Oona, either and she heads back to her bench.  Sam and Mitchell must go home.

Cry Count: When Oona cried bringing her dish up, you’re not human if you don’t cry! (episode total: 1 / season total: 5)


Guys, Levi and Adaiah might be killing it, but my eyes are on Sean and Logan right now.  Of course, I’m looking for Oona to make a big comeback!  Who do you think is looking like a winner?!