Questions, Comments, & Rants: Dark Water

I think Questions, Comments, & Rants might become a semi-regular thing.  For now, let’s dig into the first half of the Doctor Who series 8 finale, Dark Water.


My first question: What exactly was Clara doing when she called Danny?  What’s with all of these post-it notes with timey-whimey words and deep emotional outpourings?  There was definitely more going on here that we never got to find out about.  I’m hoping this is one question that will get answered in the next episode.

My big problem: Does anyone else think Clara was completely over-reacting when she THREW THE TARDIS KEYS IN A VOLCANO?  First of all, she didn’t even ask talk to the Doctor about Danny’s death first.  She didn’t float the idea by him or try any gentle approach or clever trick to get him to go back in time to save Danny.  Instead she threatened him in the most extreme way she could think of.  Did she think so little of their relationship that she assumed he wouldn’t want to help her?  Did she just want to die there on the side of a volcano rather than live without Danny?  Did she kind of think that the Doctor could get back into the Tardis without keys?  ‘Cause I kind of did.

And really, how could the Doctor forgive her for that?  Does he understand emotional pain so well?  If so, this is likely a recent development.  His plan doesn’t involve changing the past, but finding Danny in the present.  So really, Clara’s threatening was for nothing.

As for the Missy story, the big question-mark of the series (season, in a vernacular that I’m more familiar with): I think she and the netherworld plot came together nicely.  It actually panned out how I thought it would.  Missy has been transporting the near-death to a dimension of sorts where they live out their afterlife.  It is not a biblical hell or anything disruptive to an ethos.  My one sticking-point is: how long has she been doing this?  I suppose a Time Lord could go back and do it to as many people as he/she needs.  In Missy’s case, it’s been going on long enough to snag Steven Jobs and the kid Danny killed as a soldier.  Her revelation as a Time Lord was interesting, and I panicked for a second that I may have missed something.  Her revelation as the Master, re-genered, let’s say for now, is actually a little less confusing for me.  I can’t wait to see how this plays out!

Aside from Cybermen being the most outdated-looking piece of technology since K-9, (whom I love, dearly,) they are sufficiently horrifying in the fact that they are shells of people you once knew, devoid of all the emotions that make us human.


So, lend me your thoughts on Dark Water!

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