Day: October 29, 2014

ANTM Cycle 21: The Road to Seoul

We resolve the cliffhanger ending at the beginning of “The Girl with the Bloodcurdling Scream,” and Chantelle rejoins the competition.  This is what I was hoping for!  Although, results were not quite as expected.  With 8 models in the competition and only 7 tickets to Seoul, people are more determined than ever.

So, the challenge is particularly relevant.  I just went through my first haunted house this weekend, and that’s basically what the model-hopefuls did.  They go through a pitch black hallway with scares along the way, then come face-to-face with the flashing lights of a camera and have to pose without fear.

Chantelle and Shei do the best, but Chantelle is ultimately the winner, already proving she deserves to be back in the competition.  However, she is not acting very happy to be back.

When it comes to the main photo shoot of the competition, Lenox asks her if she’s ready to rejoin the madness.  Chantelle says something along the lines of, I was having a better time out there.  Lenox takes this, understandably, as she doesn’t want to be there.

The photo shoot is (loosely) themed “no glove, no love” to promote condom use to prevent STDs.  This is a noble endeavor, but the only tie-in seems to be that the models are wearing fancy gloves.  They are posing with themselves and I think the shoot is super cool.

Kind of Black Swan, eh?

Kind of Black Swan, eh?

Although I think Lenox has the best photo of the week, her weak challenge score prevents her from taking that title.

Here are everybody’s results:

  1. Chantelle
  2. Shei
  3. Lenox
  4. Adam
  5. Keith
  6. Will
  7. Raelia
  8. Mirjana finally goes home

Mirjana seemed lost this week without Denzel, and the proof was in the pictures.

What do you think about the group heading to Seoul?!