ANTM Cycle 21: I don’t have a lot of experience with emotions.

I can’t believe how much I’ve written about stupid Mirjana and Denzel this cycle.  With this last episode, I think we’ve finally heard the end of that.  After the faux-break-up last episode, and this episode’s kind of role reversal between the two of them, the end was near anyway.  Let’s get on to the competition now, shall we?

Tyra Treat

Lenox has to pick two people to share in her Tyra treat.  She selects Shei and Raelia.  The threat turns out to be runway walk coaching with J. Alexander.  Finally, someone teaches something in this cycle!  Lenox again is afraid to let go, and Miss J tries to make her twerk to loosen up.  Now girl, I get it; I can’t twerk either.  How do I know that?  I tried!  Seriously, I followed Miss J’s instruction and results were questionable at best.  But therein lies the difference: 19-year-old Lenox is just too afraid to look silly.  The treat is definitely beneficial to one girl, though.

The Challenge

It’s LA Fashion Week, and the models have the opportunity to book a couple of shows for Style Fashion Week.  Betsey Johnson books Raelia, Shei, and Keith.  Control Sector books Will and Shei.  The girls then go to Altaf Maaneshia who decides to book all of them.  The guys walk for Civil Society who books Keith, Adam, and Will.  The only one who doesn’t book a single show is Denzel.

Shei kicks this challenge’s ass.  She changed up her walk for each designer and looked so great up on the runway.  Raelia stops like in the middle of the runway for Altaf’s show and Miss J nearly dies.  She gets it together for Betsey, though.  Shei wins the challenge!

bringing that edgy fierceness to the runway

bringing that edgy fierceness to the runway

The Photo Shoot

Denzel is low-energy and grumpy from not booking anything the previous day.  He, I guess, neglects to wake Mirjana up (because that’s something he has to do?) which makes her angry at him.  He doesn’t know how to deal, thus the titular quote of this post.  The photo shoot is for Mitchell Stone Essentials and the models will be paired off– Shei & Denzel, Mirjana & Keith, Will & Raelia, Lenox & Adam.  Since Shei is will sleepy Denzel, she tries to psych him up a little for their joint photo.  However, Mirjana takes this as flirting.  Mirjana is distracted as usual.  She blames him, but everyone around her, who she is stupidly listening to, says she shares blame.  She asks what’s wrong with her, to which the photographer responds, everything.


Tyra calls Mirjana out for being argumentative on set.  She claims that she was not arguing, just “conversating,” which Tyra lets her know is definitely not a word.  They are called out in the following order:

  1. Will – the clear best photo of the week
  2. Raelia – Will’s partner in the photo was finally able to turn into a model
  3. Keith – he looked great this week on the runway and in photo
  4. Shei – girl rocked the runway this week; her photo could’ve been better, though
  5. Mirjana – took a good photo despite her bad attitude
  6. Adam – took a great photo this week
  7. Lenox – her photo and runway confidence landed her in the bottom two
  8. Denzel – eliminated

but wait–

Comeback Moment

While the models eat soul food, which is a punny way to introduce the international location for the rest of the competition, Seoul, South Korea, she announces it’s time for a model to rejoin the competition.  It’s between Chantelle, the highest social media scoring girl, and Ben, who got the highest score of the guys.  Not Denzel.  Mirjana keeps a stiff upper lip.

Who do you think is coming back?!

I’m team Chantelle.

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