Day: October 20, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 8: Thoughts


FINALLY all of the inner senshi have gathered!  Well, kinda.  It is beyond me why they can’t make the jump from V to Venus, especially when the others seem to be named after planets.  Since this episode is Minako’s, I’ve got lots of thoughts on her.  Let’s get onto it, shall we?


Again, masks rule everything

It is so funny how the senshi can look upon Sailor V[enus] in costume and be like, oh hey that’s probably Sailor V?  She’s wearing a slightly different costume though, so we’re not quite sure.  Minako can pull a thin mask out of her pocket and place it around her eyes and suddenly the vision clicks into place.  Sailor Moon Crystal is seemingly full of this– the mask (and even the Sailor Senshi Make-up) clearly doesn’t magically disguise her as I always kind of assumed it did.  Like Tuxedo Mask’s mask, this disguises are just thin veils that seemingly anyone can see through if they really try.


On Minako

Well, she’s not the Minako I remember from the original anime.  I love that Minako, because her outgoing, energetic personality really compliments Usagi’s.  The two of them serve as a great foil for the more serious personalities in the friend group.  Now, if you can’t tell by the title of the anime or the series thus far, *spoiler alert: Minako is not actually Princess Serenity.*  Thinking back to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the live action series, they fundamentally changed Minako so much that I loved this plot point in that series.  In this representation, I feel that Minako is very confident, but also overly entitled.  I hated hearing everyone call her Princess.  The fact that Artemis knows what’s going on more than Luna does bothered me as well… I always remember Luna being the more authoritative of the two.  Anyway, Minako’s intro story is far from over.  In fact, this episode felt a bit abrupt.  I’m hoping the personality I loved comes out, and I’m looking forward to the real Princess Serenity’s reveal.

I've always thought her Venus Love-Me Chain looked vaguely sex toy-like.  I'm so sorry.

I’ve always thought her Venus Love-Me Chain looked vaguely sex toy-like. I’m so sorry.

We did see a transformation sequence, but without the “Venus Power, Make-Up!” or any kind of summoning call.  Her transformation pen is missing it’s topper as well.  I can’t wait until her tiara arrives instead of the crescent mark which does not belong to her.


Speaking of tiaras


Are we kidding with Sailor Moon’s new tiara transformation?  She looks like she has horns.  Or like, a giant horned bindi.  I hate this one.  When’s the next tiara transformation please?


Now let’s talk about these two


Usako and Mamo-chan!  The relationship between the two of them is really taking off.  Usagi tries to give back the pocket watch she stole accidentally carried off from his apartment, and he reveals that he has something of hers as well.  He tells her to keep it and they will make the exchange next time… meaning, they will be seeing each other again.  Cuteness!


As Tuxedo Mask (okay, I don’t know much about the rules of honorifics, but why no Tuxedo Kamen-sama in Crystal?) and Sailor Moon, their feelings for each other continue to empower.  Tuxedo Mask is in anguish that he couldn’t save her, and thus jumps in front of her to take the big blast on which the episode ends.  Sailor Moon continues to get braver, more courageous, and righteous in his presence.  She is a better version of herself because of him– isn’t that what love truly is?  She find strength to fight, and tells him to flee, planting this kiss smack on his lips, much to his surprise!


Well, with dreams of Endymion and Serenity in both of their heads, I’m sure the details that are bugging me will work their way out soon.  I’m looking forward to seeing V become Venus, though.

What did you guys this of Minako’s official introduction?