ANTM Cycle 21: It’s Not Over

This episode is called “The Girl Who Says Its Over,” but you’re about to find out… that’s not quite the case.

The challenge of the episode is with Kelly Cutrone and her fashion line, Electric Love Army, and Nylon Magazine.  The models break up into three groups and each take a word of Kelly’s line. Mirjana, Denzel, and Lenox are Electric; Matthew, Raelia, and Will are Love; Shei, Adam, and Keith are Army.

Results are rough, but two teams get good, Nylon-quality photos.  The Love group:


And the winner, Army:


Denzel’s badmouthing of his relationship with Mirjana sparks Lenox to say something to her.  Mirjana gets MAD and tells Denzel it’s over.  The next morning, she calls her boyfriend and confesses that she has kissed and cuddled with a guy in the competition. As viewers, we know this is the understatement of the century.  Even Mirjana admits they’ve been “intimate.”  Oh, lord.  Anyway, the boyfriend forgives her; she says it’s definitely over; they both say I love you.

The photo shoot for the episode has to do with the future.  Tyra had the group take DNA tests at the beginning of the series,which I thought was weird but after the heritage reveals, think it really cool.  Using props to represent their newly discovered genetic make-ups, the models pose with Cory from last season as a robot.

Denzel and Mirjana are lonely and awkward and decide to reconcile to the absolute dismay of everyone in the world.  I’m going to hell, admits Mirjana.

Results, and color-commentary on each contestant, as follows:

  1. Lenox – by far the best picture for the third week in a row!
  2. Will – I agree that this is the second best photo in the bunch.
  3. Shei – photos aren’t great, but I love this girl!  She pulled it out in the Nylon challenge, so I’m waiting for her to turn it on… as are the judges.
  4. Keith – Eh, he’s okay.
  5. Adam – I definitely think he’s made such improvement.  I think he was better than Keith.
  6. Denzel – I am so not impressed with his photos!  I think he should’ve gone this week.
  7. Raelia – I didn’t mind her photo this week; definite improvement from last week.  Again, I thought she did well int he Nylon challenge too.
  8. Mirjana – Beautiful girl, but her picture did nothing for me.  I also just don’t like her.
  9. Matthew – SO SAD to see him go.  He was an early favorite for me.  He’s super attractive and I think he has a lot of creativity.  …Is it me or are they really not teaching them much this season?  I think everyone could benefit from a little more Tyra time, and a male mentor for the guys.


Who do you think should’ve gone this week?  Are you as sad to see Matthew go as I am?

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