Day: October 14, 2014

Doctor Who Recap: Mummy on the Orient Express

The space Orient Express reminded me of the Space Titanic in Futurama.

The Space Orient Express reminded me of the Space Titanic in Futurama.

I think this is perhaps the most important episode of the season thus far, based solely on the relationship between Clara and Twelve.  Of course, I still have my concerns about the Clara/Danny relationship.  I liked this episode overall, though.  I felt engaged and not stressed with high-stakes Doctor Who decision-making.  Let’s get on to the recap!

Mummy on the Orient Express starts with a timer: 66 seconds.  Mrs. Pitt and Miss Maisie Pitt sit having dinner in the dining car.  Mrs. Pitt sees a horrible mummy that no one else can see.  When the timer runs out, the mummy reaches Mrs. Pitt and she dies.

Clara and the Doctor disembark the Tardis onto said Orient Express.  I especially love the “Don’t Stop Me Now” jazz cover that’s happening at that moment.  There’s a lovely kind of sadness about their trip– both knowing that this would be their last adventure. Clara smiles in a bittersweet way that makes the Doctor uncomfortable, and they talk in a dreamy nostalgic way reminiscent of an amicable break-up.  When they hear of the mysterious death on the Orient Express, the reality of what Clara is giving up seems to hit her.