Weekend Adventures: Blue Hills

I’m a city girl.  I live downtown, rely on walking and public transportation, and rarely head to the more suburban areas of Boston.  Sometimes, you just have to get out of the city!  While the summer gave me plenty of beach escapes, I decided to head out and enjoy the fall foliage here in New England!  I took a hike through Blue Hill Reservation!


My parents moved to the area last year, and my dad and I had been wanting to take an autumn hike for so long.  Last weekend, on a beautiful sunny Sunday after a rainy Saturday, we went for it.  It was a bit athletic, and a lot beautiful!  Follow the cut for some photos of our hike!

We started out in Canton, MA, where the Blue Hills Trailside Museum sits and hiked up one of the red dot trails– a rocky scramble– then went rogue and cut over to the ski area.


We continued up, hoping back onto a rocky path up to the Great Blue Hill Weather Observatory.  At that point, we were in Milton, MA and gosh was the view amazing!

Houghton's Pond in Milton, MA

Houghton’s Pond in Milton, MA

the Weather Observatory adorned with meteorological instruments

the Weather Observatory adorned with meteorological instruments

Little did we realize, it could only get better.  On our way back down the mountain, we strolled down the paved road and found a path to The Great Blue Hill Observation Tower.  Up on the top of this tower, the view was even more incredible.

Here's Houghton's Pond again!

Here’s Houghton’s Pond again!

love the autumn leaves with the cool blue water

love the autumn leaves with the cool blue water

through the tower window

through the tower window

and here's Boston's skyline, and Boston Harbor!

and here’s Boston’s skyline, and Boston Harbor!

magical looking bridge!

magical looking bridge!

Even on the paved road, the way down was beautiful.

fall colors!

fall colors!

sunlight through the trees

sunlight through the trees


Back down in Canton, we strolled through the little zoo by the trailside museum before heading home.  When we saw a sign for pumpkins, donuts, and cider, we decided to go for it in the spirit of autumn adventures!


that red tree, though!

We found ourselves at Pakeen Farm, a tiny Canton farm with an adorable pumpkin patch.  We sampled their cold cider and mini cinnamon donuts!  I also picked up this adorable white pumpkin!


I’m obsessed with this GOURDgeous guy! He’s on my kitchen island right now!


This was a perfect autumn Sunday, and I’m still reliving the magic of the season.  I highly recommend exploring the Blue Hills area.  If you’re a Bostonian, you can get out there via public transportation!  Hurry and enjoy the season!

What fun fall activities have you taking part in this season?



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