Day: October 8, 2014

ANTM Cycle 21: Frozen, but Fierce

Hey, did you know America’s Next Top Model moved to Friday nights? Well, it did. My recaps are still going to pop up on Wednesdays for two reasons: (1) I’m stubborn, and (2) I’m lazy and this gives me ample time to watch the episode. Let’s get on with the recap, shall we?

Kelly Cutrone announces the challenge: acting. The models pair off to do a space love scene, and they get to pick their scene partner. When Marjana goes for Keith and not Denzel, Kelly calls her out for “sleeping with” someone and not picking him. Marjana says it’s business v. pleasure, and goes with Keith. Denzel and Shei pick each other, and Marjana is hilariously, openly, distractedly jealous throughout the challenge. Grow up, Marjana. They perform their scene for CW executives.

  • Denzel & Shei both do well; they seem to have a lot of chemistry and both have acting chops.
  • Marjana & Keith are really lackluster.
  • Adam & Lenox both do well. Adam especially surprises me as a strong actor.
  • Matthew & Raelia are a mixed bag. Matthew is good, but Raelia has trouble with the lines.
  • Will & Kari maybe should’ve switched roles. They don’t embody their characters well.

Denzel, Adam, and Lenox are at the top. Denzel wins a walk on role on the CW.

I’m super surprised Shei got as low of a score as she did! I thought she was right up there with the best of them, and it seemed that the CW executives did as well.

Back at home, Marjana is still jealous of Shei and thinks she’s attracted to Denzel. “I feel like Denzel did this on purpose,” she says to the camera, like an absolute psycho. “If we were out in the real world, would I be attracted to her?” he asks himself to the camera, then answers, “probably not.”

Denzel makes some ignorant comments about Will and his high heels. Will gets really upset, and while I do feel for Denzel who Will will not speak with when he tries to come make amends, the fact of the matter is he doesn’t get why what he said is wrong.

The photo shoot is ghostly, but gorgeous; and frozen, but fierce. The models are decked out in icy make-up and crystalline accessories and have to pose on a block of ice. I absolutely love the styling of this shoot.

Marjana makes some rude comments about Raelia on her photo shoot and sets of another argument. HOLY CANOLI, MARJANA, GROW UP. I get it, girl; 18 is tough. You’re with adults now so effing act like one. Denzel admits that they are “nothing” as a couple. He doesn’t take her seriously.

In judging, Will comes in wearing his heels. Tyra puts Denzel in his place by putting his comments into perspective. I honestly think she handled the situation perfectly. Phew, drama. The photos are kind of a disappointment for me. I liked this shoot so much, but felt like so few of the pictures delivered. Like, Kari has absolutely not idea how to use her face. Lenox takes the title of the ice queen in this episode, and scores high with Miss J, Tyra, and Kelly. Her picture is my favorite!


the cold never bothered her anyway

Her picture is the judges’ favorite too. Tyra calls them out in this order:

  1. Lenox
  2. Adam
  3. Will
  4. Denzel
  5. Matthew
  6. Marjana
  7. Keith
  8. Shei
  9. Raelia
  10. Kari goes home

My favorites remain Lenox and Matthew, but Shei and Raelia are on my list too!  I’m hoping to see some great things from Shei soon.

Who are you throwing your support behind this cycle?