Day: October 6, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 7: Thoughts

Act 7 is named for Mamoru Chiba – Tuxedo Mask, and yes, he is the focus of the episode…. or rather, Mamo-chan and Usako.  We also (kind of) get introduced to Venus as well, so I’m happy all around.  Here’s what we learned this week:

It’s not a transformation; it’s a costume.


Tuxedo Mask may not have powers, but he does have a pretty sweet origin story.  He wants the Legendary Silver Crystal because it’s the only clue to his identity.  (Fun when he asks Usagi why she wants it and her answer is, like, because a cat told me I do.)  Mamoru may not have attacks, but as we find out later in the episode, he can throw a mean punch!

I also loved Usagi’s why didn’t I realize? moment when she physically picks up the mask and places it over Mamoru’s eyes.  Even while still wearing the tuxedo, she apparently needed more prompting?  She asks herself how she didn’t put it together that Mamoru Chiba is Tuxedo Mask, which we’ve all been asking her since the first time we saw him.


Usako + Mamo-chan

Alright, guys, as a long-time Sailor Moon fan, I completely lost my shit when Mamoru called her Usako for the first time.  I loved Usagi deciding that his nickname would be Mamo-chan and repeating it to herself, excitedly.  I love the way she “accidentally” stole the pocket watch from his apartment, and drawing strength from an object she knows is his.  I especially love that juxtaposed with Mamoru, doing the same with her handkerchief.

The way Usagi feels about Mamoru made her very brave in this episode.  After a battle, Mamoru revealed that his dream is no longer to obtain the Legendary Silver Crystal; his dream is now Usagi.  I love love!


But what year is it?

I’m glad that it was DVDs instead of video tapes in this episode, ’cause then life would really be confusing, but did anyone else notice: this is a world with both movie rental shops and iPads?


Okay, technically it’s a FinePad. I still LOVE that Ami has one; great update!


this is still a relic.

Speaking of which…


The Dark Kingdom is not much for subtlety.

If you can’t figure out this is an evil shop, even without speaking Japanese, you deserve to get possessed.


Finally– Sailor Venus!

We saw Luna talking to her from the command center, then we heard Luna backpedal about the possibility that Sailor V fits into the Sailor Senshi.  It looks like next episode we, and the Sailor Senshi, will get the answers about Sailor Venus and Minako!


What did you guys think about Act 7?

Are you in love with Usako and Mamo-chan yet?