The Caretaker: Favorite Moments

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I am not a Danny Pink fan.  Maybe, like the Doctor, I’m not so into soldiers.  Maybe, like the Doctor, I’m not so trusting of boyfriends.  My own silly hang-ups aside, The Caretaker was full of bits of dialogue that really made me laugh.  Let’s revisit those, shall we?


Why have you got two jackets, is one of them faulty?!

I loved watching the scenes of Clara’s double life, and I especially love that she runs in a like, athletic dress and in full-eyeliner.  As always I love the Doctor and Clara’s banter, like the above.  I would have loved to see some of the adventures that she was running from.  I particularly enjoyed the fish-people dialogue: what do they look like? Fish + people.


So you recognize me, then?

You’re wearing a different coat!

The Doctor in deep cover is indeed hilarious.  I appreciate the fact that the temporary caretaker announces his name is John Smith, but  they can call him the Doctor.  Because that’s normal.  Oh, I also love that the eyebrows are definitely a thing now.  We’ve talked about them 3 times; that’s the magic number.



This is normal too.  The whole Jane Austen exchange between Clara and the Doctor was hilarious.  The Doctor calls to attention that the year Clara’s taught as when Pride and Prejudice was written is incorrect, she protests as to why he’d know.  Clara makes up a whole strange scenario about the Doctor and Jane Austen being BFFs, which is almost completely believable to Whovians.  The Doctor simply replies that he read the book and it was in the back.  Thanks for being a top-notch educator, Ms. Oswald; Coal Hill is lucky to have you.


No, sorry. No I can’t retain that. I tried; it’s just not going in.

I love that the Doctor is entirely positive that Danny is a PE teacher.  I love that calls him “PE” throughout the episode.


Why do I keep you around?
Because the alternative would be developing a conscience of your own.

Clara’s relationship with the Doctor is in particular focus in this episode, as there’s a new man in her life looking in on it.  I for one think she’s moved a bit quickly with Danny.  It’s TV, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that he’s already her boyfriend, but she’s in love with him?!  Well, her life has already dropped hints that he may be her future, so that’s a good reason to get attached.  Again, Clara and the Doctor banter though!


What did you think of The Caretaker?


  1. I liked the episode, and particularly loved it’s manic silliness. I’m not sure how I feel about Danny, but I like that they’re doing something a little different with him than with the past boyfriends. (ie Mickey and Rory) I definitely like that he’s not jealous of the Doctor, and is instead frustrated with Clara for keeping secrets from him.

    1. I do like the dynamics with a boyfriend in the picture, but it was easier for me to grasp with Mickey/Rory because they were established relationships. Danny just caught me off guard!

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