Camo Crush


Happy Manicure Monday!  This Julep addict used one of her many coupons to pick up the Camo Crush collection and couldn’t wait to try it out!

I’m a camo addict too.  My collection includes pants, tops, hats, a gorgeous new J. Crew puffer vest that I’m dying for the weather to be cool enough for me to wear, and the jacket I wear every day.  One of my friends alerted me to this camo-themed nail polish set, and I knew it had my name on it!  Since I’m a Julep Maven, I got these three polishes for the price of one!



The collection included:

  • Hannah – a very light green that’s akin to a retro chartreuse.  This is definitely a three coat color!
  • Roc Solid – a perfect fall hunter green, used above on my middle nail.
  • Kendra – a shimmery olivine that I’ve used to my accent nail.

I’m completely obsessed with olive green, and these colors really resonated camo to me!  I’m super happy with my purchase, and glad I tried all three out together!

I think Hannah’s appropriate for the Halloween season as well… it reminds me a little bit of Frankenstein.  I’m eagerly awaiting the beautiful Black Magic collection in my October Maven box, so stayed tuned for that in the next coming weeks!

As always, if you want to be a Maven, just let me know!

I know this is a bit of a different look, but I’m really in love with it.  What do you think of these camo colors?


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