5 Things about ANTM: The Girl with 5 Frames

If you missed last week‘s episode, Lenox was given a rather harsh penalty by Tyra Banks for the worst video shoot.  She only had 5 frames for this week’s avant garde hair video shoot.  Here’s what happened:


Yu Tsai tells us it’s okay to cry

In the first human moment I’ve seen from Yu Tsai, he consoles a crying Lenox after she walked off set, crumbling from the pressure of her 5 frames.  We’re also reminded that Lenox’s father literally just died.  She wants the prize money to help her family.  I mean, the girl deserves to let it out a little!  She eventually gets through her 5 takes, but I notice she really looks like she’s about to cry.  The emotion behind her eyes ended up working in her favor, though…


Marjana still sucks

Wait, is this America’s Next Top Model or Marjana’s Dating Chronicles?  The Marjana/Denzel relationship is starting to annoy everyone in the house and likely, everyone watching.  I’m glad it’s not bothering Matthew anymore, because she’s clearly ridiculous.  Denzel doesn’t seem as into her as she is him.  Oh, and she still has a boyfriend!  She’s planning on writing him a letter… to break up with him, I guess?  Denzel is as surprised to hear that they’re dating as America was when she blurted it out in panel last week.  This will probably end badly.

They’re also super touchy.  My favorite quote of the week is on the matter, as spoken by Raelia:

That’s not class.  Like, let’s talk about class.  You don’t have it.  At all.

So true.


Nick Cannon makes headphones

I didn’t know Nick Cannon made headphones, but these Monster headphones look pretty cool!  Nick Cannon comes to give them a challenge.  They use a tablet with terrible photo resolution to create an ad.  The winning team is Lenox, Matthew, and Kari.  This was my favorite photo of the three, so I’m glad it won!  I can totally see this as an ad, and as a reward for winning, it will be one!



The house gets creative

I notice Shei sketching at the kitchen table, and gosh is she talented!  Ben shows off his talents to, writing a little song with Adam, who raps, while he sings and plays guitar.  He performs this song for Tyra and the judges before panel.  Tyra appreciates it and even has the models join in.


Worst to first

Like I said, the emotion behind Lenox’s eyes really worked in her favor.  Here’s how the models ranked:

  • Lenox
  • Marjana
  • Raelia
  • Shei
  • Will
  • Adam
  • Matthew
  • Denzel
  • Kari
  • Keith
  • Ben – eliminated

When it came down to Keith and Ben, I’m glad Keith stayed.  He’s just so… pretty!  Ben seems to be a man of many talents, so I’m sure he’ll be okay.

I wish Matthew were higher on the list, but overall I’m pretty happy with this week’s results.  I’m most pleased that Lenox was able to pull it off!

What did you think?  Any predictions for next week?


  1. I just love this show!! I also adore Matthew, and Adam because he is growing little by little. Please visit my blog and leave a comment or any ideas.

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