Reasons to Love Time Heist


Part Entrapment (the Catherine Zeta-Jones movie) and part Tabula Rasa (the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode), last weekend’s Doctor Who, Time Heist, is my favorite episode of the season so far!

It starts with Clara getting ready for a date with Mr. Pink.  She tries to brush off the Doctor beckoning her for another adventure when the TARDIS phone rings.  Clara begs him not to answer, but the Doctor asks what the harm is in picking up a phone.  When he does, he and Clara suddenly find themselves holding big worms in a room with two others.  The are told, by their own voices, that they’ve come her and wiped their minds of how of their own free will.  The mission: to rob the impenetrable Bank of Kalabraxos.

Not only the is the episode about the heist itself, but it’s a giant puzzle hiding the identity of the mysterious Architect and the reason behind the heist.  Minimal spoilers this time, but here are a few of my favorite things about this episode!


Why is your face all colored in?

Clara is still so pretty all the time, and I continue to love Twelve’s banter with her completely missing the fact that she’s gorgeous!  I’m not a big fan of Pink, but I do like that date-Clara gives the Doctor the ammunition he needs for lines like the above.


Ms. Delphox, head of bank security


I had to.


“Basically, it’s the eyebrows.”

“Robbing banks is easy from the TARDIS,” says the Doctor, as if he’s done so before.  My other favorite exchange is the above, when the Doctor is asked yet again why he’s in charge of the mission.  Basically, it’s the eyebrows, to which Clara readily agrees.  Can this be a thing yet?  Let’s talk about Twelve’s eyebrows more because I’m totally on board with this.  I also loved his recall of his outfits– the scarf, the bow tie, and the way his wonderful minimalist attire looks sort of like a magician.


The punishment for thinking about robbing the bank of Kalabraxos.

What will your guilty thoughts cost you?  Your bank account will be deleted, and your brain liquidated.  If that’s not enough, your next of kin is notified and then incarcerated… to ensure honest financial transactions.  Hilarious.


Ontological Paradox!

I love them; I’m obsessed with them.  This episode is one.  That’s as much as I can say without spoiling it for you.  Please go watch this episode.


What did all you Whovians think of Time Heist?!


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