Day: September 17, 2014

ANTM: A Tale of Two Virgins

Ben got best picture last week and chose Adam to share in the Tyra Suite. It’s nice that someone’s not using the Suite to try to hook up. Adam is growing on me, as he says his current career path is “sit in a cube and crush excel.” This, for some reason, is quite endearing to me.

Mirjana and Denzel are continuing their sickening flirtation. (Spoiler: she says they’re dating in judging.) I have no respect for this girl.

Tyra coaches them for a sexy photo shoot. Raelia (age 22) and Lenox (age 19) are virgins, which I inherently I find this interesting. Raelia does great at serving sexy, but Lenox has a lot of trouble.

“Lenox has no sexuality,” comments Tyra.

“Lenox has no sexuality,” comments Tyra.

Yu Tsai comes the next morning to announce the challenge. To test the skills Tyra taught, the models are paired up for a commercial… a sexy fragrance commercial with a black widow spider. It’s styled almost vampire-like. The girl (and in one case, Will) is the black widow and the guy a victim. The “Spyder Bite” commercial pairs are: Keith and Mirjana, Denzel and Kari, Ben and Raelia, Matthew and Will, Romeo and Lenox.

Romeo seems to warm up to other people a bit that evening. It’s his birthday, so some people stay up to celebrate with him— Adam, Matthew, Shei. Then he gets drunk and mean to Adam. He tries to entice Adam into hitting him. When Adam won’t play into it, he head-butts him a couple times leaving a small bruise. Yu Tsai and J. Alexander eliminate Romeo the next day for this physical altercation, as ANTM has a zero-tolerance violence policy. The remaining group trains for a stilt-walking fashion show.

Will rocks the runway like a model. Raelia falls right when she exits to walk and looks scared during her procession down the runway. Lenox definitely looks sexy during her walk! Mirjana, who had some much trouble during practice, did well, and even held up her partner, Adam. Ben had to walk alone with Romeo being eliminated, and commanded attention so well that he won the challenge.


And then there were 11 at judging. Kelly gives her first 10 to Raelia, who completely owns the Spyder Bite commercial! Tyra gives a startling 1 to Lenox, for giving up.

Also this happens.

Also this happens.

The rank this week:

  • Will
  • Raelia
  • Keith
  • Mirjana
  • Matthew
  • Shei
  • Denzel
  • Kari
  • Ben
  • Adam
  • Lenox

I have a brief moment of panic where I realize my early favorite is going home. But wait, Romeo already went home so Tyra is letting Lenox stay. As if the 1 from Tyra weren’t bad enough, Lenox only has 5 frames for the following week’s photo shoot. Do you think she can pull it out?