Julep Maven: Box no. 2!


My September Julep Maven box sure was a big one!  On the twentieth of the month, I was allowed to log into my Maven account and edit my monthly box.  You can swap out colors for certain others, and you have the opportunity for some reduced price add-ons.  Well, here’s where Julep got me.  If you add-on three products, they send you an additional surprise.  Apparently, that surprise for me was two additional nail polishes!  Here’s what I got this month:

  • Mahima (It Girl) – This silky, shimmery gold was one of the original It Girl picks for September and I was not getting rid of this!  It’s fun, and usable in all seasons!
  • Fifi (It Girl) – Another It Girl pick for September, this light pink is prettier in person.  I originally swapped this out for another color, but ended up adding it back as an add-on.  I’m so glad I did!
  • Ryan (It Girl) – Rounding out the It Girl September Maven box is this gray-blue that is absolutely perfect for fall and winter!
  • Mary Lee (Boho Glam) – This is the color I originally swapped Fifi for.  I love this deep red so much and think it’ll be beautiful with Ryan!  You know I’m always looking for color combinations.
  • Chloe (It Girl) – I’m an Earth sign, so I’m always very attracted to shades of brown.  This mocha metallic grabbed me instantly.
  • Padma (Classic with a Twist) – This is another shade that caught my attention right off the bat.  This deep purple has a slight metallic glint to it, which I wasn’t expecting.
  • Candace (It Girl) – Another color that could not have been better selected for an Earth sign like me!  This chocolate metallic shade came as my surprise!  This is absolutely something I would have picked.
  • Daria (Bombshell) – I think my friend Jill, who got me started on this Julep kick, was wearing this shade last week.  I wanted this gray badly.  This was my second surprise shade– the fact that I even got a second was a surprise too!  Again, I couldn’t have chosen better.

Oh, if you thought this was a little overboard, let me just tell you I have about 9 others on the way… As a Maven, your monthly box includes coupons!  My first coupon was 50% off, and I got a 30% off coupon with this box.  I just can’t help myself!

So, September’s Julep Maven Box has been absolutely fantastic.  I can’t wait to get to work with these nail colors!

If you want your first box for free, get at me!  Leave me a comment, tweet at me, or send me an email.  I’d love to email you a code.  These polishes run $14 apiece, so you can’t pass this up!


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