Doctor Who: The Three Best Friends in Sherwood

Robot of Sherwood was a bit of an odd episode for me.  It was fun, but I had none of the Robin Hood vigor that Clara did.  Instead, I was reminded of countless other things… A Knight’s Tale, most significantly.  My feelings about the episode almost mirrored the Doctor’s about the situation.  He wanted to get to the bottom of the situation, and frankly so did I.  At the end of the episode, it came together for me.  Victory came thanks to teamwork shooting a golden arrow, so let’s talk about the three best friends in Sherwood.


Robin Hood

I found him quite silly at the beginning.  Visually, I thought his costume was over the top… kind of like the pumped up version of Robin from Batman Forever.  (I’m going to need to watch that immediately.)  Also, he looked a lot like Amy’s brother Peter from Everybody Loves Raymond.  I don’t know.  For some reason, I didn’t want to believe he was real either.  Perhaps my opinion of him was colored by the Doctor’s.  I do love how he beat the sheriff with the move the Doctor used to defeat him at the beginning of the episode.  And I do love his below quote.

“History is a burden.  Stories can make us fly.”


She’s perfection.  She’s smart as a whip, confident, and always outsmarting her enemies.  I loved Clara’s complete fangirl moments– she’s usually so composed, and she just couldn’t help but be so excited.  I love when she got to fight alongside Robin Hood: “This hero does not come alone,” he boasts, and she pops up with a “Hi-ya!”  The slide down a banner, and Robin asks if she’s okay to, “Oh hell yeah.”  Best of all, her response when the Doctor asked her, when did you start believing in impossible heroes?  


“Don’t you know?”

Now that was a moment that any Whovian girl can relate to.  Clara’s costume change for me conjured plenty of images, none of which were Robin Hood.  She looked to me more like an elf from Lord of the Rings.  The more I looked at her color palette– the green trim highlighted by Robin Hood’s greens– the more I thought she looked like a Christmas elf.

The Doctor

Capaldi, you’re doing a wonderful job.  The Doctor is obviously such a complex character.  He is very serious and very burdened, but on the surface he is pure whimsy and adventure.  To meld both sides can’t be an easy task.  Every new face we see on the Doctor brings us something new, but should recapture what is already there.  At this, Capaldi is winning.  Let’s see, the spoon v. sword fight and the beginning was delightful, and I was happy to see the Doctor win… even if Robin Hood got the last laugh.  The outright refusal to believe the situation was real without being cynical was good to the very end– the observational skills it took to recognize the wrong climate for the area and season was the first clue; the last ditch effort assume Robin himself was a robot, then immediately abandoning it being the cherry on top.  My favorite gag is was the blood analysis confirming said merry man would be dead in six months.  When this merry man comments that the sheriff wants to oppress them forevermore, the Doctor chimes in, or six months in your case.

So, fun.  I usually like light-hearted episodes, but meh.  It’s monster-of-the-week-y, which I also usually dig.  Next week, though, looks much more my speed!  Creepy and cryptic and sign me up!

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