Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5: Thoughts

Oh guys, it’s been so long since we got a new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. I’m so glad this is back in my life. Let’s get on with it, shall we?


Mako-chan, Mako-chan, Mako-chan

To be completely honest, I never thought much of Makoto or Sailor Jupiter. I never understood how the Juban School District never managed to get it together and find a uniform in her size. I mean, she’s tall, but she’s not really abnormal in size. I was always a fan of her signature rose bud earrings, and I loved her culinary skills. Sailor Moon Crystal’s incarnation has both of these things— they highlight the earrings in a romantic flourish, and they showcase her impeccable bento box with a sparkle. Like Rei, Mako-chan has strikingly lovely eyes— green, this time.


All and all, I find SMC Mako-chan to be a lot more lovely and a lot more likeable. Perhaps even at a quicker pace, we’re seeing a difference level of character development. It’s working for me. Her transformation into Jupiter is the most badass transformation sequence yet.


I’m still obsessed with Usagi, though


Subtly is not for her.  Food is, though.


Tuxedo Mask finally did something

Tuxedo Mask came to Usagi’s window at night, (definitely no secret identity confusion here) took her by the hand, and led her to the scene of the crime. It was very mysterious and very romantic.

Of course, that means Usagi ends up showing up to the fight in her pjs. Ami-chan shows up in what looks to be comfy clothes perhaps having stayed up late to study, and Rei-chan apparently lives and sleeps in her miko outfit.




Submitted completely without comment ♡♡


We’re Learning

Mako-chan absolutely knew that Sailor Moon was Usagi. Is it because Usagi called her Mako-chan which nobody had called her before? Or is it because these disguises are weak. Regardless, Makoto didn’t need any prompting whatsoever. The moment she got that green pen, she was all Jupiter Power Make-Up!


Other things

I’m onboard the Jupiter train, but the chick has two attacks already? She hits ’em with a Flower Hurricane, then a Jupiter Thunderbolt. This dual “element” (to use the term loosely) thing kind of bothered me… if she were a pokémon, she’d be dual-type grass and electric. She gets two things. And two attacks right off the bat? I’m still not sure Sailor Mars even has one… Akuryo Taisan is Rei’s thing as a miko. All we’ve really Sailor Moon do is the silly Moon Tiara Action (still refusing to call it anything else) and the unnamed Unicorn Laserbeam attack.

Jupiter is also not short of catchphrases, including one borrowed from Queen Elsa or Arendelle.



And isn’t Usagi supposed to be the shortest? That probably only bothers me and goes unnoticed or uncared for by anyone else.


Ami, get taller.

Finally, no real foreshadowing except for this fun new gadget for Usagi! Now this girl’s going to be able to do some more damage.


No Minako yet, though. Next episode will feature Tuxedo Mask. I can’t wait until Venus shows up!

I loved this episode.  Even the creepy Twilight Zone mannequins that come to life.  What did you guys think of our newest Sailor Senshi?


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