Black Eyeliner & I are back together



Good news, everyone: after a year or so hiatus, black eyeliner & I are officially back together!  Last time I talked about eyeliner, I listed all my favorites… and they were all in brown shades!  I thought I was too pale for black.  I dabble in sapphire and navy as well.  This summer I even tried out a fun cobalt.  Last weekend, on a whim, I decided that black just made more sense with what I was wearing.  At first when I put it on, I had instant regret.  I thought I looked like Kat Von D.  This, however, was more of a dramatic look.  By the end of the day of wear, I was completely in love with it.  I’ve worn it to work three times this past week in a more subtle, work-appropriate way, and I’m back on board.

Sorry for the Selfie Saturday, but I just really loved the look.  I’m wearing Sephora liquid eyeliner and yes, I am sock-bun famous.

This is not the first time I’ve abandoned a product, only to return back to it more in love than ever.  What beauty products have you broken up with, only to have a happy reunion?


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