ANTM Cycle 21: Final 14

I DVR’ed ANTM, and watched this week’s episode while eating my weekly calories worthy of Biscoff cookie butter straight out of the jar. I must admit I’m having a really hard time staying interested. Yu Tsai brings an interesting energy to the show, and makes sense to me as a Jay replacement. Kelly Cutrone is still totally working for me. I think we have a similar aesthetic. Tyra and J. Alexander were barely in this episode. The good thing is that the finalists were finally selected. This is what the competition is going to look like this cycle:

Adam | The judges can’t figure out if he’s passionate or crazy. I’m leaning toward crazy.

Chantelle | Everyone likes her unique beauty, and as Kelly says, she has a Masters degree in courage.

Shei | I agree with the judges that she’s beautiful. Kelly says she needs a personality, but I think she’s got it goin’ on!

Ben | The judges were split on Ben. Is her Boy Band? Is he all-American? Whatever, he made the cut.

Denzel | Kelly thinks he’s “too pumped up” to be a model. I don’t see that as a bad thing, but I don’t know anything about male modeling.

Ivy | Tyra calls her nymph-like and I agree. I absolutely adore her look.

Kari | The judges say she has a beautiful face, then proceed to list everything so wrong with it that makes it so right. I dig that.

Keith | This ex-football player was called out or the final 14 third, but I’m not sure if the order has much bearing here.

Lenox | Kelly calls her “moody, eerie, my little Christina Ricci girl” and I love all of those things. I’ve been routing for Lenox from the beginning.

Matthew | Okay, I disagree with Yu’s assessment of the way he corrected his name. Like I agree with Kelly and Tyra that there are more tactful ways or times to get this accomplished, but he wasn’t as rude as Yu made him out to be. Whatever, he’s in.

Mirjana | The more I look at her name, the more I see how Tyra could have called her marijuana. I waver between thinking she’s beautiful and thinking she’s, in Tyra’s words, hoochie.

Raelia | Alright guys, I just really like Raelia’s face.

Romeo | He’s confrontational, for sure. I like this Wiccan dude, and that he’s unafraid to be what he is. He has an interesting look that’s not just good looking, you know?

Will | Yu calls him “the resident ballerina.” The judges end up in favor of him because he’s, according to Kelly: Nordic, American, Texan, gay, and everyone’s going to love him.


And let’s mention, a couple of those we’ve left behind…

Jamie Rae | Yu calls her dead inside.

Daniel | Poor guy missed the cut twice. J likes him a lot, and Tyra says he has the highest number of likes. I’m assuming this is for one of two reasons: (1) people already know him from last season, or (2) sympathy. Even I was cheering for him because it is SAD to see someone eliminated twice.


I don’t know, guys, I might stick around for a photo shoot or two… or I might let these episodes accumulate in my DVR for a rainy day.

What do you think of the guys & girls of Cycle 21 so far?

or we can just talk about Miss J's statement necklace... ♡

or we can just talk about Miss J’s statement necklace… ♡


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