Day: August 18, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 4: Thoughts



I can’t believe I just noticed this– 

Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars are using the traditional planetary symbols instead of the previous anime’s stylized version with hearts.  I expect this will be the case for Sailor Venus as well.  I always really liked that the anime turned Sailor Mars’s symbol into a heart with an arrow, because I didn’t think it was fair that she got stuck with the male symbol.  I’m older now, and don’t dwell on silly things like that, so I suppose I’m glad we’re using the correct planetary symbols.


Now let’s talk about this transformation pen!

This gadget always confused me.  It just disguises, right?  At the beginning of the episode, Usagi is running late (bless you, Usagi; never change!) and asks Luna if she can use the transformation pen to turn her into a marathon runner.  Now, even if Luna had approved this idea, wouldn’t it just make her look like a runner?  She wouldn’t actually be any faster, right?

Moving on, Usagi uses the pen liberally in this episode to become a pretty pretty princess.  She also apparently uses it on Ami and Rei to do the same.  The transformation is not powerful enough, however, to remove a the embroidered Tsukino Usagi from her handkerchief.  Magic has it’s limits, eh?


Oh, it’s also a nifty parasol!  So go-go-gadget-style!  A bit Princess Peach-esque.  I like this use even better.


And how about that Mamoru…

We know Luna doesn’t trust Tuxedo Mask.  We also know that Luna knows Chiba Mamoru is Tuxedo Mask.  I’m not sure Usagi knows this.  It is pretty clear, however, that Mamoru knows Usagi is Sailor Moon.  This is a huge departure from the original anime.  I’m really pleased that we got to see some cute moments between the them with the dancing, but what was that date-rape-creepy kiss while Sailor Moon was snoozing?  Come on, Tuxedo Mask!  I’m still working on figuring out this relationship in Crystal terms.  I suppose we’ll get there.  I do like the use of the bokeh effect during moments of romantic intrigue.  I still miss the rose petals, though.


New stuff!

IMG_0646Cool new tiara, Sailor Moon!  This is very much in line with her power-ups in the original anime, propelled by love.  It’s true to the manga, but yeah, I don’t even remember this happening in BSSM.  That new attack is like a laser-beam unicorn.  Does it even have a name?  I actually liked it, so I don’t know why I’m criticizing it.


And finally, Makoto foreshadowing!  You can bet we’ll see Sailor Jupiter join the senshi next time around!


This episode was fun, guys!  It didn’t do much to advance the story, but if Usagi keeps saying she’s sleepy at least once an episode, I’m happy.  Are you all excited for Sailor Jupiter?