Day: August 10, 2014

Mega Altaria

Happy weekend everybody!  I never thought we’d make it, and it’s already half gone!

The end of the week turned out to be way less painful than anticipated.  Fortune smiled upon me for sure.  As I yanked myself away from sleep’s grip Friday morning with my usual routine of Twitter & Instagram, I came across a bit of good Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby news: Mega Altaria!


Image: bulbapedia//CoroCoro

We’ve talked about Mega Evolutions before, as we get announcements of new ones from AS&OR, but Mega Altaria is particularly exciting for me.  I’m not positive what the criteria of selecting which pokémon will mega evolve, nor am I sure if there even is one.  Sometimes I’m like, why?  This time, though, I’m like, yes!

Mega Altaria joins the ranks of Mega Charizard X, Mega Ampharos, and Mega Blaziken as pokémon partners I love to have on my team!  I’m so excited to try this guy out, and of course, I’m so excited for these Hoenn remakes!