On Wednesdays We Wear Pink (Pokémon Edition)

It seems I’ve been quoting Mean Girls non-stop lately, but what else is new?  Though I haven’t written about pokémon in a while, it is certainly on my mind!  I just received my plush Mega Blaziken from the online Pokémon Center, plus with each moment Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby draw nearer!  Let’s celebrate both of these, and talk about my favorite pokémon who rock pink every Wednesday.


Spr_3r_222Corsola : the coral Pokémon

Especially appropriate for summer, and an easy favorite for a lover of all things nautical like me!  As far as object Pokémon go, I think Corsola makes the most sense.  Coral is a living thing!  This dual rock/water type was always interesting to fight.  For that, I wanted Corsola on my team!


Spr_3r_035Clefairy : the fairy Pokémon

The original Fairy type– it’s in its name!  Actually, I think Clefairy is more alien than fairy.  Ask that dude in Mt. Moon who will tell you the rumor–  Clefairy came from the moon.  I’ve always preferred Clefairy and its evolutionary line to that of Jigglypuff.  The Clefs look mystical, and the Puffs end up a little too bunny-like for my taste.


Spr_3r_368Gorebyss : the South Sea Pokémon

Now doesn’t that sound exotic and vacation-like?  Gorebyss was introduced in my favorite generation, Gen III.  (Aside: this girl is SO excited for remakes!!)  Gen III played with evolutionary paths in the most fun ways– your Clamperl can turn into either this pretty pink unagi, or its ugly step-sister, Huntail.


Spr_5b_180Flaafy : the wool Pokémon

Though Flaafy is the awkward teenager stage of the Mareep to Ampharos evolution, this line is my favorite as far as electric types go!  So what if in its teenage years this Pokémon wants to go pink?  It works.  Perhaps this guy is season inappropriate— more for autumn than summer.  He’s like a sweater Pokémon!


Spr_5b_370Luvdisc : the rendezvous Pokémon

Another favorite of mine from gen III, and actually, just in general.  I don’t typically favorite Pokémon that don’t evolve– that’s the fun of them, isn’t it?  I also don’t tend to go for such a clichéd pink heart.  I don’t know why, but I love this fishy and the rainbow heat-scale it sometimes holds.  They’re just neat!


Spr_5b_585_sDeerling : the season Pokémon (spring form)

As a New England girl, I love the change of seasons.  So does this little deer!  This is one of my favorite ways to do multiple forms– the others being Castform based on weather, and Shellos based on location of origin.  Deerling changes color based on the seasons and in spring, he’s pink!  I guess he’s not wearing pink today, though, since the summer form is green.


Who’s your favorite pink pokémon?

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