Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3: Thoughts

Every time I watch a new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, I can’t wait to watch more.  I also get Moon Pride stuck in my head hardcore.  While we survive the two week wait, let’s talk about some of the cool things that happened in Act 3!

Make New Friends

We knew going into this episode that we’d be introduced to Rei/Sailor Mars, but we’ll get to her in a bit.

We were also introduced to Zoisite and Nephrite.  Since Jedite’s the only one who’s put any plans into action for Queen Beryl at this point, it looks like his competition has arrived.

Oh hey, Mamoru!  Finally, we meet the man behind the mask.  He’s not wearing a tuxedo in the daytime this time, but he is wearing a snazzy suit.  Usagi and Mamoru sit awkwardly together on the bus.  Mamoru reveals his name and that he is a high school student.  Usagi copes with her increased-heart rate in his presence by using Luna to hide under and or to wipe her sweaty brow.  Smooth, Usagi!  So funny.


As Tuxedo Mask, he plays almost no role in this episode.  When Usagi is a flight attendant, he recognizes she’s transformed… but I believe he recognizes her as Sailor Moon, not Usagi.  Like, you really can’t tell who that is?

Back to Rei

I’ll admit, Rei has never been my favorite.  In the original anime, she and Usagi had sort of a contentious relationship.  The Rei of Sailor Moon Crystal is calmer, more reserved, and way friendlier.  I was so surprised to hear Usagi call her Rei-chan right away.  The other weird thing about Rei is that her supernatural powers were always, I assumed, in addition to her Sailor Senshi powers.  Sailor Moon Crystal blurs this more than the original anime, but I think that’s still the case.

The Rei of Sailor Moon Crystal is a serious bombshell.  Those lilac eyes!


SMC Rei recognized Usagi as Sailor Moon almost immediately.  In a hilarious moment for the audience and a pretty embarrassing moment for Luna, we watch Usagi try to explain this away.  Rei is awakened as Sailor Mars quickly thereafter and everyone becomes friends.  Her transformation sequence is appropriately fiery, and her color palette is slightly adjusted– the red is deeper, more garnet than cherry and much more suited to the indigo-purple of her bow.  I’m loving this slight change!

Spirited Away

I liked the plot line of this episode, but I expected more of a reaction from Usagi about a demon bus.  She got right on said demon bus at the beginning!  I expect Usagi to be irrationally scared until one of her friends is in danger, in which case she switches into hero mode.

Poor Rei and her confusing supernatural powers was both blamed for a sought out for help in this demon bus deal.  When Mii was safely reunited with her mother, bitch didn’t even say thank you to the shrine maiden responsible for saving her life!

More Toys

I love that the arcade keeps spittin’ out magical gadgets for the girls.  In Act 3, Usagi and Ami received communicator watches.  I wonder if Rei and the other girls are going to get these as well.  This is something only I would worry about, isn’t it?

Oh, I also love an episode that starts out with Usagi saying she’s sleepy.  Luna basically bribed her to get up with the trip to the arcade.

Three Senshi

The foreshadowing at the end of this episode didn’t give any indication of Jupiter.  Looks like it’s Moon, Mercury, and Mars for a while!  I’m eager to meet Makoto and Minako, but I’m pleased that the pace is slowing down a bit.


Your turn– what did you all think of act 3?!



    I also have been walking around humming it for the past few days. It’s a sticky little tune.

    As for this episode, I really enjoyed it but Rei is my favorite so I was just excited to see her. I liked her less prickly personality a whole lot.

    The bus scene was so perfect. I loved how awkward both Usagi and Momaru were, but especially Usagi. It was just great.

    I hate waiting two weeks between episodes, but it does make really excited when the new one comes out!

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