Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Winner Chosen


The final two, Scott and Jason, take a moment to celebrate at the Four Seasons before getting to work on their menus.  The next day at breakfast, they are joined by their families!    After they say their goodbyes, Chef Ramsay gifts them white jackets and promises them a night on the town.  Oh, you know this is a trick.

They end up at supper club and a boxing match of sorts until the announcer calls out “From Chicago, Illinois…”  Jason and Scott enter the ring for their final challenge.  No, it’s not a fight; there are kitchens back there!

Five judges come out to score their five dishes.

  • MICHAEL VOLTAGGIO IS THE FIRST JUDGE.  I’m dying.  I love him!  Top Chef meets Hell’s Kitch!  Michael prefers Scott’s cold appetizer to Jason’s– Scott gets 9/10 and Jason 8/10.
  • Ben Ford is the second judge for the hot appetizers.  Jason earns 8/10 and Scott does too.
  • The chicken entrée is judged by Neal Fraser.  Both chefs earn 9/10.
  • Quinn Hatfield judges the seafood entrée.  He gives Scott 8/10 and Jason 9/10. They’re now tied.
  • The beef entrée is judged by David Myers.  Scott earns 9/10 and Jason only get 8/10 making Scott the winner!

Scott gets first pick as they alternate through the Hell’s Kitchen contestants picking their teams then and there.  Scott gets: Chris, Ralph, Rochelle, Kashia, and Jessica.  They become the Blue Team.  Jason takes: Anton, Melanie, Gabriel, Bev, and Sandra.  This is the Red Team.

JP opens the doors to Hell’s Kitchen one last time of the coronation of a new champion.  There are lots of VIPs in the house, including “Shameless” actress Shanola Hampton!  Jason’s Red Team starts out slow thanks to Sandra.  Scott’s quality control gets Chris through the first appetizers.  In the dining room, his daughter Gigi remains unimpressed.  What a cutie!

Jason has Sandra problems and Scott has Jessica problems.  While Jason threatens to kick Sandra out of the kitchen, Scott actually ends up doing so to Jessica!  Rochelle takes over garnish for her.  Both teams end the night on a positive note.

And now it’s Gordon Ramsay’s turn to make a big decision.  As is tradition, Scott and Jason stand in front of the two glass doors– whoever’s door opens is the winner.  Chef Ramsay instructs them to place their hand on the doorknob, and turn on the count of three… 


CONGRATULATIONS SCOTT!  I’m so happy for him and his adorable family.  I think the right contestant won.  JP sprays champagne, as is customary, and Gabriel raises a toast to all the contestants: we’ve been through hell!



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