Hell’s Kitchen Recap: 4 Chefs Compete


After Joy’s departure, only the fantastic four remain– Melanie, Rochelle, Scott, and Jason.  We started last week’s episode knowing that only two would be left standing.

It starts, however, with a very sweet surprise: the chefs’ families!  Rochelle is visited by her fiancé and her parents.  Melanie is visited by her boyfriend and her mother.  Jason is visited by his girlfriend and his mom.  Scott, who’s crying before his family even steps out, is visited by his wife and two kids!

And I cried too.  I love this part!  This totally endeared me to Scott as well.  His daugter running out of the car and his baby son are adorable, and his emotional response to seeing them just melted my heart.

The chefs and company sit down to “fish and seasonal vegetables,” which signaled to me what the challenge would be.  Melanie doesn’t take a single bite, and is shocked when Chef Ramsay announces the challenge…

Taste it, Make it

Thankfully, Chef Ramsay provided another example for the chefs to taste while they make.  Everyone decided on sole wrapped in prosciutto, with the exception of Scott who went for escolar.  Everyone picked butternut squash for their veggie except for Melanie, who went for pumpkin.  For the purée, Rochelle uses parsley, Melanie uses arugula, and Jason and Scott use watercress.

Since the protein is the most important element on the plate, Scott is eliminated first for incorrectly choosing his fish.  Melanie is out of the running next for going for pumpkin over butternut squash.  It all comes down to the purée– Jason takes it for getting that element right as well!

Jason wins a culinary tour with Chef Andi and his family members.  As punishment, the girls and Scott have to move furniture out of Hell’s Kitch.  Actually, Melanie and Rochelle just manipulate Scott into doing the whole punishment for them.

Dinner Service

Each chef has his or her turn up at the pass.

  • Rochelle is completely frantic.  I can barely understand what she yells.  She is very nervous and giggly at first, but is able to send appetizers out well.  Her quality control test comes in the form of shrimp instead of lobster in the risotto. She catches it, no problem.
  • Melanie is tested right away with a ticket QC– a Caesar on the ticket that’s not on the menu.  She calls it out, confused.  After that, she has trouble controlling her brigade.  When she finally gets control, things flow well.
  • Scott is able to use his voice to his advantage and coordinate with the brigade.  His quality control test comes in the form of a duck breast where that of a chicken should be.  He catches it!  He’s a little picky moving forward, but Chef Ramsay is pleased with his performance.  Great standards!
  • Jason takes a more laid-back approach, wanting people to like him as he leads.  This slows the kitchen.  Chef Ramsay gives him a talking-to and his adopts a more serious approach in time for his QC: salmon instead of halibut.  He catches it too.


Despite asking each chef for their opinions, the decision is ultimately Chef Ramsay’s.  Rochelle is the first he eliminates, and the two giggle as she does.  It’s a kind, respectful exit.

Down comes the screens to announce the finalists: Scott and Jason.

Though Melanie was my early favorite, and I hate to see no girls in the final, I agree that her maturity level is not that of Scott and Jason.  Chef Ramsay tells Melanie she is born to cook, and she hugs him and her former competitors before making her exit.  I’m sure we’ll see her tonight cooking for one of these two finalists!

I’m pulling for Scott tonight!

Who do you think will win Hell’s Kitchen?

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