Sailor Moon Crystal Act 2: Thoughts


Sailor Moon Crystal’s second episode is like fast-forwarding to the eighth episode of the original anime.  This episode mirrors Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon’s eighth episode, succinctly titled “Computer School Blues” and not-so-succinctly subtitled “The Girl Genius is a Monster: The Brainwashing Cram School of Horror.”  In both cases, this is the episode which introduced Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mercury.  Here are my thoughts on this episode:

Fast-Forward Works In Our Favor

Do we need 7 episodes with just Sailor Moon?  Nope.  I’m happy to see Ami-chan introduced in the second episode, and I’m hoping this trend continues so we can assemble the senshi quickly.

Usagi is Typical Usagi

I loved Usagi in this episode!  She was loud and rambunctious playing in the arcade, which is exactly what I expect of her.  When Ami got her transformation pen, I loved watching Usagi shake the console until she got one too.  She said she was both hungry and tired in this episode, which is what I love about her.  She schemed upon introducing herself to Ami that she could become smarter by association if Ami taught her how to study, which we know is lofty, and is just so Usagi.  Finally, the Sailor Moon crying sonic waves are maybe the coolest weapon around.  I want this power!  It suits me.

Why doesn’t Mamo-chan have any normal clothes?

Seriously, we’re seeing this guy in a tuxedo in the middle of the day again.  I believe the poor grade paper-to-the-face is the original meet-cute of Usagi and Mamoru, which I enjoy seeing again and again, but seeing him in nothing but a tuxedo is really weird.  I mean, in the theme Mamoru wears regular clothes.  When are we going to get Mamoru, not just Tuxedo Mask?  It was nice seeing him help Sailor Moon, but I so miss the rose!

Sailor Mercury’s Transformation Sequence > Sailor Moon’s

Sailor Mercury doesn’t look anywhere near as rubbery as Sailor Moon does when transforming. For this reason alone, I enjoyed watching Sailor Mercury’s transformation sequence.  Sailor Mercury doesn’t hold herself as well as Sailor Moon does, though, posture-wise.

Sailor Mars Foreshadowing

This brings us back to the fast-forward, working to our advantage.  Though Rei’s foreshadowing is slightly more subtle than Ami-chan’s, it’s good to see the elemental tie-in play a major factor in it, as it did with Ami before her.  We see fire in the form of many candles, we see her shrine, and we see her eye.  This would only be skipping over one episode to get to the entrance of Mars, which is barely noticeable.  I wonder how, elementally, they will introduce Jupiter and, even more curiously, Venus.  I remember feeling a very long gap before Jupiter and Venus joins the senshi, so we’ll see if this trend continues… in two weeks!


What do you guys think of Sailor Moon Crystal so far?


  1. This is going to be a very strange experience for me since I’m basically watching the two series concurrently. I was so happy to see Ami so much earlier. I’m loving Usagi as I get to know her but in those early episodes she is a lot to take. (Also, I see way too much of myself in her and it terrifies me. I get that this is sort of the point of Usagi, but still…shivers.) I’m looking forward to getting to see Rei, because even when I was a kid and casually watched the show I thought that Sailor Mars was the coolest! (Her hair, and her pumps, ugh, I just wanted to be her!)

    I am also kind of annoyed at how Mamoru is being shown. The tuxedo in the middle of the day is weird and alienating, I absolutely miss the rose with the skipping of the Usagi only episodes, you lose the sort of classic old movie, they fight to flirt element of their relationship which I love in the original.

    But I’m looking forward to see how it’s going and comparing them side by side as I will be.

    1. Usagi is not your typical leading lady, and there’s no way around that. She’s a lot to take, but for some reason I find her oaf-ishness (for lack of a better term) endearing. I love that she’s always hungry and tired and way too excited about things. I think the Crystal incarnation will be easier to take, but I think you’ll start enjoying the exaggerated Usagi too. (I hope!)

      The Usagi/Momoru relationship has not developed at all at this point. It’ll be interesting to see how it does.

      You’ll have to let me know that more you get through the original series 🙂

  2. I have a feeling otakus are going to be grossed out by mamoru and usagi’s relationship. I mean it’s been a looong time since views have seen a heterosexual relationship in magical girl show. nowadays it’s been implied yuri in mahou shojo (nanoha, Madoka, and prism illya) not that I have a problem with that. Hopefully sailor moon crystal will inspire more male rivals and love interest again.

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